‘Love And Hip Hop New York’ Star Erica Mena Shades Olivia Longott & Rich Dollaz

Photo Credit: VH1

Erica shades Olivia and Rich.

Erica Mena may be happily married these days, but it doesn’t mean she won’t still throw shade when she feels like it’s a good opportunity to do so. And she had plenty for Olivia Longott and Rich Dollaz.

VH1 recently asked Erica, Rich, and Safaree Samuels to give commentary on an old scene of the show. In this particular scene, Erica walked into the studio and realized Rich gave her song “Where Do I Go from Here” to Olivia.

He did this after Erica refused to sign his management contract.

During the commentary of the scene, Erica didn’t waste any time throwing a jab at Oliva. While hearing Oliva sing the song, Erica yawned. And then she said, “I think that’s how everybody feels when they hear her version of this song. She can sing, but she did not do that record better than me. And record sales definitely have proof of that.”

And regarding Rich, Erica said, “You know what’s so sad is this man has never really broken an artist but has been on ‘Love And Hip Hop’ selling these dreams for years and years on end.”

Of course, she threw more shade at Olivia. Erica said, “Poor thing. I think ’til this day she’s still stuck in December.”

Rich has regrets.

As for Rich, he is pretty regretful about how he handled the situation. He said, “It wasn’t giving the record away. It was…alright, you’re laying in bed with your girl. You’re playing with your records, records that you created, right? And she’s like, ‘I want that one.’ So you’re like, ‘D*mn, that’s a good record like I don’t know if that’s something we gon play with. That’s a real record. But I love you. If you want the record, I’ll give you the record.’ But then there’s a business part of this.”

Rich added, “It wasn’t spiteful. I didn’t have any malice in my heart when I took that record away or I didn’t give Erica that record. Erica didn’t want to sign the management contract. So now here I am in my dilemma. I guess that’s what kind of makes it messy and that was probably…my biggest mistake on this show was not giving Erica the record because I didn’t realize the impact or what or the emotions that was going to come from it.”

Meanwhile, Erica doesn’t regret not signing the contract, “Imagine if I were to listen to him, y’all. Can you imagine where I would be? With Olivia. In December.”

On the latest season of the show, Olivia has accused Rich of not giving her any of the money made from “December.” Both Rich and his mother have clapped back at these claims.

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