LeToya Luckett’s Husband Tommi Walker Responds to Cheating Accusations

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Tommi and LeToya struggled as Tommi grieved.

Friends And Family Hustle” stars LeToya Luckett and Tommi Walker have been through a lot on the latest season. Tommi was grieving the death of his mother. She died from cancer and the loss was a lot on him emotionally. It was tough for LeToya as well, but she noticed that Tommi didn’t handle the death in the healthiest way.

In fact, Tommi’s inability to process it would lead to tension with LeToya. LeToya felt Tommi had become a very angry person who was low on patience for her.

They argued a lot. And it just seemed as if Tommi had put a wall up that LeToya couldn’t break down.

A counseling session made things worse.

One of the most talked-about moments of the recent season was when Tommi left LeToya to head to Dallas abruptly. He said he needed to go to see his daughter. But LeToya felt like he was just acting out because he didn’t like how their counseling session went. So they argued in the car en route to the airport.

On the situation, LeToya said, “I feel like the counseling session really p*ssed Tommi off, and now he’s taking his frustrations out on me by picking a fight. And he can’t continue to do that.”

LeToya also revealed that she believes she’s not a priority for Tommi, only his daughter. She said, “Your priority has always been Madison. And I’m not which is probably why I have feelings that I do because I’ve been fighting for my husband, fighting for my place in your life, fighting for our relationship, fighting for our marriage. I’ve been fighting for my place.”

Even after LeToya told Tommi he should rethink getting on the flight, he did so anyway. And before he left her, he wouldn’t even tell her that he loved her.

He would later publicly apologize for his actions.

Although the couple would later work out their issues, they are now dealing with another problem. Hours ago, Tommi was accused of cheating. He has since responded to the accusations.

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