RHOP Recap: Gizelle Calls out Candiace + Ashley & Candiace Hash Things Out

rhop season 5 episode 4
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Grace still isn’t thrilled about Jamal and Gizelle dating.

Gizelle and her daughter Grace attend a dance class together. It’s a bit of a struggle for Gizelle and this embarrasses Grace. After they take a break, Grace tells Gizelle that she can’t dance.

They then discuss Jamal. Grace says she doesn’t know when Gizelle asks if she’s annoyed about her being back together with Jamal. In a green screen interview, Gizelle says she knows it will take some work to make things less awkward.

The housewarming party is coming together.

Karen catches up with her assistant Matt. She’s planning a house warming party. A videographer comes by as well as a singing telegraph man. Karen is filming her party invitations and it will include singing. She wants to go all out for this event.

Robyn and Wendy hang out with the kids.

Wendy takes her sons to the park for a picnic. Robyn meets her there with her two boys. The two women catch up while their sons play football.

They discuss Candiace, and Wendy says that it’s fair for Candiace to feel attacked if three people are coming for her at once. She also says that Candiace described Gizelle as the “Gizelle Monster.” And Candiace doesn’t like Ashley very much. But she’s heard good things about Karen.

Ashley and Candiace hash things out.

Candiace and Ashley meet up at a restaurant. In a green screen interview, Candiace says she can admit that some of the things she tweeted about Ashley were very mean and nasty.

When they discuss the tweets, Candiace says that she had no idea that Ashley was in labor at the time. She doesn’t follow her on Instagram. But she apologizes and says that she wouldn’t have dragged Ashley if she knew she was giving birth.

Ashley accepts her apology.

They then discuss Charrisse and Monique. Monique told Ashley that something happened between her and Charrisse after Ashley’s baby shower. And Candiace knows what transpired. In a green screen interview, Candiace says that Monique never told her anything about their fallout.

Gizelle learns of Candiace’s comments.

The women then get a video message from Karen with the telegraph singer inviting them to Karen’s housewarming party.

After the invitations go out, Gizelle FaceTimes Robyn. After they laugh and agree with Wendy saying Karen doesn’t get freaky with Ray, Robyn reveals that Wendy told her Candiace called Gizelle a monster. At this point, Gizelle is ready to confront Candiace.

While at home with kids, Monique tells Chris that she’s frustrated about their love life. They don’t date unless she sets it up. She wants to be pursued and Chris wants to have more s*x. So he will give her the romance, but he expects for his needs to be met as well.

Kal gives Gizelle some advice.

Chris and Candiace go on a picnic date at the park. They discuss Candiace’s meeting with Ashley. She’s happy they can start over. Now she’s hoping she can talk to Gizelle at Karen’s housewarming party. When it comes to Monique, she doesn’t think it’s the appropriate time to address that yet.

Gizelle’s friend and hairstylist Kal comes by her house. It’s revealed that he used to cut Jamal’s hair back in the day. So he’s one of the best people Gizelle can vent to about their relationship. It’s really bothering her that her daughters don’t seem to really be enthusiastic about them being back together.

Meanwhile, they really loved Sherman and were excited about that relationship.

Kal says that should be understandable since Jamal cheated on Gizelle and their daughters know this. While Gizelle may be over that, her daughters aren’t. They have been conditioned to believe that Jamal may not be trustworthy. And they have a right to feel that way at their age. It’s just going to take time and Gizelle will have to be patient.

The ladies arrive at the party.

It’s the day of Karen and Ray’s housewarming party. Gizelle is one of the first to arrive. She tells Karen that Jamal is in Atlanta and he has church the next day. In a green screen interview, Karen says Gizelle just doesn’t want to bring Jamal around because everyone is still talking about how he cheated on her years ago. So Gizelle needs to walk in her truth and bring him around because people are going to talk anyway.

Ashley arrives and says Michel is at home with Baby Dean. Gizelle tells Ashley that Candiace called her a monster when she was talking to Wendy. And Ashley says she’s in a much better place with Candiace after their recent conversation.

Wendy arrives with her husband Eddie, and Candiace comes alone because Chris is at a catering event. Monique and Chris arrive not too long after.

Robyn is the last one to show up and she’s late. She comes with pizzas. Karen laughs at this as she remembers when Ashley, Gizelle and, Robyn popped up with pizza to see if Karen and Ray really lived in their Great Falls house.

Gizelle confronts Candiace.

Candiace pulls Gizelle to the side to apologize for dragging her on Twitter. Gizelle takes this opportunity to confront Candiace about calling her the “Gizelle Monster.” Although Candiace says she wasn’t trying to be malicious when she told Wendy this, Gizelle isn’t buying this. And she says Candiace said it to be funny and it was a nasty thing to say.

Candiace says that sometimes Gizelle is not nice. But she apologizes and Gizelle says she’s good on having a friendship with Candiace.

Later on, Karen has her Beyonce moment with a Formation hat and she performs a short routine in front of the guests. After this, Ray heads upstairs to seemingly call it an early night.

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