‘Married to Medicine’ Star Buffie Purselle Makes an Interesting Revelation About Mariah Huq

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Buffie and Jackie clashed.

Married to Medicine” star Buffie Purselle had a very tough first season. In fact, it was an emotional one. While she appeared to get along with everyone at first, this changed after she clashed with Dr. Jackie Walters. While Jackie was giving a speech at an event, she called Buffie infertile. This was said in front of people that Buffie didn’t know. So she felt some type of way about it.

When Buffie tried to tell Jackie how she felt, it didn’t go well. In fact, Jackie was a bit dismissive and angry. She couldn’t understand why Buffie would think she would be malicious about something she has experienced. However, she would end up apologizing a couple more times later on in the season.

And at the reunion, she gave a heartfelt apology in front of Andy Cohen and the rest of the cast.

However, Jackie would later tell a follower she was cautious about Buffie. So it didn’t seem as if Jackie was willing to establish a friendship even though Buffie expressed being open to this at the reunion.

Contessa and Heavenly weren’t feeling Buffie.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe were Team Jackie all the way. And they questioned if Buffie was using the situation for a storyline.

Heavenly clashed with Buffie about this multiple times. And Contessa threw some shade on social media.

After an eventful season, Buffie is done with the show. In a recent interview, she had something interesting to say about Mariah Huq.

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