‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Responds to Backlash over Fallout with Sons + Talks Leaving the Show

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It wasn’t easy for Sky to get back in touch with her sons.

Black Ink Crew” star Sky had a controversial recent season. Years ago, she opened about wanting to get back in contact with her sons. She gave them up for adoption when they were really young. So she was afraid to locate them and attempt to form a relationship. Eventually, she was able to conquer her fears and contact Genesis and Des. Des was immediately receptive, but Genesis wasn’t. And although he would eventually come around as well, Sky would eventually fall out with both.

While her fallout with Genesis played out on social media, her fallout with Des happened on the show.

After Sky accused him of stealing from her, she had some harsh things to say to Des. And when things got violent, she was suspended from the show.

Sky received backlash from viewers.

The whole situation made Des emotional. And he began to regret ever reconnecting with Sky. Des chose to open up about his feelings to Ceaser. Although Cease still showed public support for Sky, he’s still been supporting Des as well despite his fallout with Sky

To no surprise, Sky did receive backlash from fans of the show. They took issue with how she handled the situation. She even received death threats.

Interestingly enough, Sky opened up about her sons in a recent interview. And she gave fans an update on where she stands with Genesis and Des currently. Plus, she also opened up about her future on “Black Ink Crew.”

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