‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Responds to Backlash over Fallout with Sons + Talks Leaving the Show

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Sky isn’t worried about the backlash.

Sky has had a lot of emotional moments on “Black Ink Crew.” And when it comes to her sons, it’s a situation that has been discussed plenty by viewers on social media. While Sky has some who support her, others are very critical. And they don’t like the way she handled things with Des and Genesis.

Sky addressed this in a recent interview with Jason Lee via “Gagging With Jason Lee.”

On the backlash she received about her fallout with her sons, Sky said, “I’ve always been upfront and honest. When God gave me the blessing of being a public figure and having a platform, I’m always going to be honest about things that are coming to the surface. That’s on any level whether you like it or not. You know what I mean? Even when it comes down to my kids and sh*t like that, whether you like how I feel about the situation or not, I’m always gonna be the person I am. And I feel like that’s why people love me and hate me. Either way, I don’t give a f*ck cause I love me so much and I’m so thankful like where I’m at like so it works out.”

Sky has moved on from “Black Ink Crew.”

When Jason asked Sky if she would return to reality television, Sky said, “I never say never with anything but right now at this point of my life, I’m OD happy. I’m very much into astrology but just like adding on as a Virgo woman and the transition I’m going through right now in my life, like I’m always so focused on and I’m still focused on it…I put my main focus on elevating, transitioning, being a better person.” Sky is focused on being positive, “I don’t know what anybody else is going through so I’m just trying to f*cking overextend myself and be nice to people cause like…I just want to create something where I impact the world whether I don’t know what scale I have but just trying to be there and show a better me. And I working on me on a daily. So it’s just like where I’m here and where I’m at in life, I’m not focused on that like, you know what I mean?”

Sky has nothing bad to say about VH1, Viacom, or the producers.

She added, “I’m not taking anything…I’m not saying anything bad about Black Ink Crew or VH1 or Viacom cause they definitely have blessed me and given me a great platform. And I’m thankful for that and it’s able to give me ways to just verbalize myself. I will always say, whatever you’ve seen me do on television, I never blame it on these networks or these producers because they only have what you give them to work with. So I’ve been an a*shole, I’ve been a sweet girl…whatever, they’ve shown what they did. It is what it is. But thank you. I think right now where I’m at in life like it’s not that. That ain’t this and this ain’t that. I’m good. I’m planting sunflowers and sh*t right now. Gotta little garden…I’m just to myself. I’m good.”

As of now, Sky doesn’t have a relationship with either of her sons.

Sky was also asked where she stands with her sons. She said, “I love them to death, I love them distantly.”

And while they aren’t on speaking terms, Sky did say she understands how they feel, “I went through this with my mother…went through something like this with my moms and she raised me. I don’t know I just feel like I understand where they coming from to a certain degree because I haven’t been in their shoes all the way. I’ve been on my own for a long time but I know probably when we met, especially with me being on such a public platform, they probably thought I would want to be like right there…and I know you want a mom. You want that. I don’t care if you had the best…if God and myself have provided you with the most amazing mom and dad and a great foundation, and a home and sh*t that I’ve never had, you still, when you meet your parents, you want them to be involved and I know that’s what it is. At the end of the day, I tried that, especially with Dessalines, sh*t happened and that’s that. And Genesis, we tried, it happened, and that’s that…I love them to death…”

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