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RHOP Recap: Things Go Too Far + Gizelle’s Father is Not Here for Jamal

rhop season 5 episode 9 recap

Photo Credit: Bravo

Things get violent.

Candiace and Monique continue to argue after Candiace asks if Monique is going to drag her. Monique then snatches Candiace by her hair and chaos ensues. As everyone tries to separate them, it looks as if Candiace’s broken wine glass flies towards Monique’s face multiple times.

After they are finally pulled apart, Candiace starts going off and calls Monique ghetto.

Monique is pulled away to another room and becomes enraged as Candiace calls her a hood rat. She tries to run to where Candiace is but is stopped by producers and security. As for Candiace, she cries while talking to Chris on the phone and says that she would never put her hands on anyone.

The other women react.

Ashley is stunned to see what transpired while she was in the restroom. But she says that Candiace likes to provoke people and then plays the victim when people respond.

Robyn and Gizelle place all the blame on Monique. But Wendy and Karen appear to remain neutral.

Monique is over it and says she will run up on Candiace if she ever comes around her again. She calls her husband Chris and tells him what happened. Her lip is bleeding from a wine glass. She tries to recall things and said she thinks she snapped because a wine glass came her way. But Robyn and Gizelle say the wine glass being thrown wasn’t intentional.

Robyn and Gizelle make the altercation out to be a reflection on all black women. And Wendy says that situations like these are why people don’t want to give black people a seat at the table.

Chris and Candiace don’t understand.

Candiace has another conversation with Chris. She is hurt about everything and feels Monique intended to hurt her. Candiace says she isn’t sure how things went this far. While she understands Monique is upset about the Charrisse situation, she apologized for that.

While Karen is talking to Ray, she says she feels both Candiace and Monique were both wrong. And they both instigated the situation.

Monique is still angry.

Monique and Chris talk about the altercation again. Chris isn’t happy about how the altercation will affect their image. As for Monique, she doesn’t care. She feels like Candiace is always saying the most disrespectful things to people and she just snapped.

Gizelle’s dad is ready to move forward.

Gizelle has dinner with her daughters and her dad. They discuss the fact that Jamal bought a restaurant for the girls. So Gizelle’s dad has been invited for the opening the next day. After the girls give them some alone time, Gizelle tells her dad she’s back together with Jamal.

In a green screen interview, Gizelle reveals Jamal cheated on her while they were engaged. So her dad didn’t come to the wedding. Regardless of the past, her father is supportive and says he will attend the second wedding if it happens.

Michael is on board.

Ashley talks to Michael about their recent transgression. He says he won’t step out on her again but he thinks their romance fizzled out after Baby Dean arrived. So Michael agrees to Ashley’s suggestion of them doing a post nuptial agreement to protect her and Dean if Michael does this again.

Gizelle doesn’t want to reveal how many kids Jamal has.

Gizelle and her daughters do a walkthrough of the Arizona’s restaurant. In a green screen interview, Gizelle says Jamal does a great job of taking care of his kids. When a producer asks how many kids Jamal has in total, Gizelle refuses to answer because it’s “not fair” to all the other children and their mothers.

Ray hurts Karen’s feelings.

Karen and Ray have a counseling session. Ray says that his issue is Karen works too much now. And Karen doesn’t like that Ray doesn’t date her anymore. She’s in love with Ray. But Ray “thinks” he’s in love with Karen. However, things don’t feel the same way they did 20 years ago. This makes Karen break down in tears.

Gizelle’s father changes his mind.

It’s the day of the restaurant opening. Gizelle’s dad is in attendance. Everything goes smoothly until Jamal thanks him for supporting him rekindling things with Gizelle. He’s a good sport while sitting at the table and filming but when he walks off, he tells the producers how he really feels about the situation. He says that it’s a wrong move for Gizelle to get back together with someone who has about 6 or 7 baby mommas. And he doesn’t want this for Gizelle.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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