More Tea Comes out About Traci Braxton & Tamar Braxton’s Strained Relationship

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Tamar and Traci still aren’t on good terms.

As “Braxton Family Values” fans await the upcoming season, a lot of tea has been spilled before the new season even airs. On the finale of “Get Ya Life,” David Adefeso made some really interesting claims. And he revealed that something bad happened between Tamar Braxton and Traci Braxton at Trina Braxton’s wedding.

David opened up about it while speaking to Mona Scott Young.

He said, “Well, Mona, I gotta tell ya, what I saw on Sunday, the day of the wedding with Trina, um, was I was stunned. It wasn’t very complimentary to Traci, not complimentary to the family. It was something that…it’s just not the kind of thing you want to show people.”

Traci attacked Tamar at the wedding?

David continued, “So, Tamar has to change her shoes. The wedding is halfway through. She has to change her shoes. So, we get…you know, we get up, and we walk towards the…there’s a back room. And someone says, ‘Oh, Traci’s in there. She’s a little bit upset.’ So we walk in. Tamar sits down, and Traci starts moving closer to her. I figure it’s a good time to have a conversation.”

He added, “So I said, ‘Tamar, talk to your sister.’ Traci’s literally shaking with anger, grabs Tamar’s hair, grabs her hand, and I gotta tell you, kind of like, look, give me your hand. Really like…”

David takes Mona’s hand and pulls her fingers back, showing her what Traci allegedly did to Tamar.

He then said, “So, here I am standing here, a man. I grab Traci’s hand, I grab Tamar’s hand, and I’m prying their hards apart thinking, ‘What the h*ll is going on at your sister’s wedding?’ This happens, Traci gets up viscerally upset…She’s obviously carrying a lot of deep-set anger.”

Tamar and Traci may not be ready to repair their relationship.

At this point, David doesn’t see how Tamar and Traci can hash things out, “I can’t see a situation where Traci sits here and Tamar sits here and I feel safe.”

While Tamar didn’t talk about the alleged incident to Mona, she did respond to what Kevin said. And she doesn’t think it’s fair that Traci is still upset about the contract situation.

Tamar said, “You talking about 25 years ago when I was a little lad living in my parents’ home in 9th, 10th grade. What you want me to do?”

After Mona said it seems like Traci is still holding onto a lot of baggage from the past, Tamar said, “And I am not the cleanup woman. She’s not ready for a conversation.”

Weeks ago, it was reported that Tamar said a physical altercation happened while filming. It’s possible viewers will see it all play out on “Braxton Family Values.”

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