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‘Black Ink Crew’ Stars Ceaser and Van Link up to Open a New Tattoo Shop?

Photo Credit: VH1

Van’s time at 9Mag was full of drama.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Van has had a messy run on the show. Out of all the others, his relationship with Ryan has had the most obstacles. In fact, Van felt as if Ryan turned his back on everyone who was there for 9Mag in the beginning. He didn’t like how things turned out with Kat. So when Kat left the show, Van held onto a grudge. Things became so contentious that Ryan decided it was time to start fresh. So he opened up a new 9Mag. And Van was not a part of that.

However, Ryan made Van the manager of the old 9Mag. But it was short-lived once Ryan saw that drama was still an issue at the old shop.

After the old 9Mag was shut down, Van found himself to be the new outcast of the group. Charmaine was upset with him after she was accused of “orally pleasuring” Van during the group’s trip to Las Vegas. She denied it vehemently, but not everyone was convinced she was telling the truth. However, her husband Neek would later say it was a lie pushed by producers.

Don got caught up in the rumor because he was accused of helping to spread it. But he maintains that it was Van who told him.

Van gets a fresh start?

On the recent season, Van attempted to make things right with Charmaine. But she still isn’t sure that they can move forward. And Van is still placing blame on Don, who he claims made everything up.

Interestingly enough, Van may be starting a new chapter with Black Ink. He recently announced that he’s opening a new shop in Houston. And it looks as if he’s joined Ceaser to do so.

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