Traci Braxton’s Son Puts Tamar Braxton on Blast

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It’s alleged Tamar Braxton and Traci Braxton had an altercation.

Traci Braxton and Tamar Braxton haven’t been able to work out their issues. On “Braxton Family Values,” Traci has expressed that at times she feels like she’s not respected by her sisters. And at this point, she’s willing to love people from a distance if they don’t have plans to listen to what she has to say.

Although it did seem as if Traci and Tamar could be making progress when they attempted to tour together, that went left quickly.

Traci’s manager had a war of words with Tamar’s ex-assistant. And after the drama in Napa Valley, there’s been even more tension. In fact, David Adefeso claimed that Traci assaulted Tamar at Trina Braxton’s wedding. He said Traci was visibly upset when she saw Tamar and then she allegedly started to pull Tamar’s hair before they were pulled apart.

So these days, he’s not even sure Traci and Tamar can work things out, let alone be in the same room.

Traci Braxton’s son causes a stir on Instagram.

Their issues may be spilling out into the rest of the family. In fact, Traci’s son Kevin Surrat, Jr. recently put Tamar on blast via Instagram.

He posted screenshots of the DMs Tamar sent him. According to the screenshots, Tamar took issue with a post he shared about not getting along with family members. He eventually deleted that post.

Tamar wrote, “Stay respectful. Stay blessed. ??  ✨”

She added, “God honors that ?? ✨ ❤️ ”

In response to this, Kevin Jr. wrote, “Highly blessed and I honor my loved ones God sees that.” In the next screenshot, it’s clear Tamar may have blocked Kevin after their recent exchange.

In the caption for the post, he wrote, “This is beyond me ?  ?  ?? .”

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