‘Married to Medicine’ Star Buffie Purselle Compares Gizelle Bryant to Dr. Heavenly Kimes

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Buffie Purselle won’t forget her time on Bravo.

Married to Medicine” star Buffie Purselle had a difficult season on the show. It all went downhill while Dr. Jackie Walters was giving a speech at an event. She ended up telling the audience that Buffie was infertile.

Buffie was not happy about this and she would later confront Jackie.

It didn’t go well because Jackie was insulted that Buffie may have felt she was being malicious. Although Jackie would end up apologizing, Dr. Heavenly Kimes felt the need to defend her friend. So she clashed with Buffie. And even called Buffie fat at the reunion.

Although Buffie is no longer on the show, she’s been keeping up with other Bravo shows. In particular, “Real Housewives of Potomac.”

Buffie Purselle compares Gizelle Bryant to Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

The ladies just wrapped up an eventful season. And the reunion was just as explosive. Although many felt like Monique Samuels dragged Gizelle in part one, others felt like Gizelle didn’t get dragged enough in the last two parts.

When it came to the alleged “plot,” Gizelle denied it ever happened. And some viewers questioned why the clip of Candiace Dillard discussing the plot in detail on Instagram Live was not shown. Some fans seem to think it wasn’t shown because some of the higher-ups wanted to protect Gizelle as she’s been accused of being the ringleader.

Interestingly enough, Buffie had some things to say about RHOP and reality television in general.

While talking with her husband Dr. David Purselle on her YouTube channel, she said, “You can’t operate in a world of make-believe. And reality TV, in my view and my experience of it, is not fake. It’s not staged. But it’s improv is what I’ve said.”

David said, “It’s scripted reality in that they set up scenes. They set up scenarios and see how it plays out. But those scenarios are not necessarily something that would happen organically.”

Buffie went on to say that some people are protected. And she brought up Heavenly.

“And certain people know about the scenes. I always equate Gizelle to the dentist on the show that I was on. There are certain people who are told to do certain things and they do it. And that’s why they are protected because they make sure that the “magic” of the improv happens.”

She continued, “And then the people that it’s happening to are not told. So you just thrown in.”

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