Egypt Criss & Sam Discuss Their Return to ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’

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There were a couple of departures after the recent season of GUHH.

The recent season of “Growing Up Hip Hop” wasn’t lacking drama. In fact, a lot of the situations on the show were so messy that a few of the cast members felt as if it was time for them to leave the show. Romeo Miller and Master P had complaints about the direction the show was headed in. In fact, Master P said that “Growing Up Hip Hop” was becoming too much like “Love And Hip Hop.”

Egypt Criss and Sam had similar complaints. When it comes to Egypt’s altercation with Briana Latrise, she didn’t like that the whole scene wasn’t shown. While some viewers supported her actions, others were very critical on social media.

And after feeling as if she wasn’t portrayed accurately on the show, Egypt announced her departure from the show on Twitter and Instagram.

Sam also complained about editing and producers before quitting the show.

However, both recently confirmed that they will be on the upcoming season of “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

Egypt Criss and Sam discussed their return to the show.

While on Instagram Live, Sam said, “Don’t worry y’all, spoiler alert, we’re coming back. Don’t worry. Y’all will see us this season y’all don’t trip.”

Egypt said, “I wasn’t going to tell them. I was just waiting for them to see.”

Sam went on to once again assure followers that they decided to return.

“Nah. We’ll be there y’all. You know TV missed us. We gotta go in there and show the world how dope we are.”

He also said that he heard the new season will premiere in May.

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