GUHHATL Recap: Ayana Gets Bad News, Da Brat’s Out the Closet + Deb Shocks Da Brat

GUHHATL Season 4 Episode 1
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Everyone reflects on the protests and pandemic.

The season begins with the GUHHATL cast reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic and the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Breshard Brooks, and George Floyd. Everyone is frustrated about all of the social unrest but proud of the protests of police brutality.

This includes Reemarkable talking to her children about this as they draw signs for protest.

Bow Wow’s tour was canceled due to Covid-19. As a break from quarantine, Bow Wow, BT, and Pimpin are headed down to Miami for a vacation and to party. But Pimpin’s weed-smoking got Bow Wow a $1000 bill. The trip overall cost Bow Wow $25,000. They’re back in Atlanta with BT and Pimpin. Shaniah calls and gets on him about his partying during the pandemic, which includes not wearing masks.

However, Bow Wow tells Shaniah he participated in a protest against police brutality recently. The primary election is around the corner and Shaniah asks if he’s voting and he proudly says he will.

Shaniah’s proud of Bow Wow because he’s seemingly focused on more so about the business than women. Lastly, Bow Wow learns Angela’s in town and hanging with Shaniah. Bow Wow plans on catching up with both of them.

Bow Wow learns Ayana put him at risk for contracting Covid.

Ayana calls next who tells Bow Wow she caught Covid. She was in Miami also and tells Bow Wow he needs to get tested. Apparently, Ayana exposed him. Ayana says she was very irresponsible, putting herself in this situation. She didn’t believe she contracted Covid until she googled her symptoms. The doctor told her the fever is likely a sign she has it. Ayana’s scared because she has asthma and is at high-risk for hospitalization.

Despite this, she is hopeful she’ll test negative for the virus. Bow Wow’s worried because he was around Ayana in Miami.

Meanwhile, Da Brat is at home with half a dozen dogs, friends, and someone special. Da Brat’s happy because she’s finally out of the closet and in a relationship with Jesseca. Jesseca had Brat smitten ever since they met. Jesseca’s the owner of a successful hair care line.

Due to the pandemic, Da Brat has a tight bubble of close people around her in the house, including Jesseca.

Da Brat has reservations about Deb’s event.

At home, Da Brat tells them Deb invited her to an outdoor event but she’s not interested in going. Jesseca and their friends agree. Jesseca has to leave back to New Orleans to check on her business operations at the factory.

Later on, the Black Lives Matter protests come up and Da Brat gets passionate about it. She’s also serious about voting and getting the president out of office.

Speaking of Deb, Waka stops by her home as Deb’s feeding her pet parrot and iguanas. They too learn from Ayana she’s potentially sick with Covid. They give her tips on how to heal up. Deb then calls Da Brat about the luncheon.

Deb’s a Trump Supporter.

Things take a turn when Deb reveals to Da Brat and Waka she’s a Trump supporter. It’s because “he is who he is,” according to Deb. Brat and Waka strongly disagree with Deb. Waka reveals Tammy is going to be angry to learn about Deb supporting the president. In her interview, Deb lays out all of her reasons for liking Trump and doesn’t care about what people say about it.

In the studio, Hurricane is with his cousin Prima Dawn in the studio. Everyone is happy to be in the studio with some sense of normalcy amid the pandemic. The pandemic is taking its toll as DJ Hurricane lost three friends in New York City. During his time in the studio, Hurricane gets a call from Ayana. He gets news from Ayana that she contracted Covid. He didn’t want Ayana to go to Miami during the pandemic but she didn’t listen. Ayana’s worried that she possibly gave the virus to her girlfriend Amy.

Andy angers Bow Wow.

Lastly, Bow Wow meets up with his manager Andy. They’re at a bar and it’s just them and the bartender. Andy’s frustrated about Bow Wow’s crazy expenses in the middle of a pandemic. He wants Bow Wow to be more responsible instead of doing things like spending money on renting yachts and buying cars.

He’s also frustrated with Bow Wow’s music he turned in. Bow Wow made a concept album about all of his ex-girlfriends. Andy feels Bow Wow’s album was unpolished and all over the place. However, Bow Wow’s now mad because of Andy’s criticism. Andy then suggests taking the record to JD to hear it and that infuriates Bow Wow even further.

At the end of the episode, Bow Wow storms out of the bar.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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