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LAMH Recap: Destiny Confirms Her Divorce + LaTisha’s Family Confronts Marsau & Kimmi

LAMH Season 3 Episode 1

Photo Credit: OWN

Marsau’s unimpressed by Martell’s latest apology.

Scott Manor has been facing many setbacks with construction due to the weather. Due to the rain, they’ve been unable to add in utilities and the foundation. On the site, Marsau brings Maurice with him to meet with their Uncle Mike. Marsau wants the designs to be finalized so they can start construction. Otherwise, LaTisha won’t be happy.

Speaking of LaTisha, Marsau talks to Maurice about the strain between Kimmi and LaTisha. Interestingly, Marsau says LaTisha acts like Martell in conflict with friends.

This leads Maurice to bring up Martell’s appearance on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” Strawberry Letter segment. Marsau heard it but while Maurice felt the apology was sincere, Marsau won’t believe it until Martell’s behavior changes.

Destiny tells Melody about her divorce.

Meanwhile, Destiny stops by Melody’s for a drink. Melody’s fresh out of the divorce and proclaims she’ll be single for a while. On a positive note, Destiny mentions that she had lunch with. But that news is trumped by Destiny letting her know about her divorce from La’Berrick. The news leaves Melody speechless despite knowing about the drama between Destiny and La’Berrick.

Melody is also disappointed Destiny kept the news away from her. Destiny did this because she didn’t want to burden Melody who’s coming out of a divorce of her own.

The two hug it out when Melody tells Destiny she’ll always have her back.

Marsau’s planning a party Kimmi wants no parts of.

The next day, Marsau gets a call from his daughter asking for chips when he gets home. When they hang up, Kimmi walks in with his meal prep. Kimmi’s been prepping food for Marsau’s office. While she’s there, Marsau asks if Kimmi could plan a surprise party for LaTisha, and Kimmi says no. However, LaTisha knows about the surprise party and tells her cousin KeKe about it as they’re shopping. KeKe asks if she’ll feel some type of way if Kimmi shows up and LaTisha will be absolutely okay if she doesn’t talk to her.

Back at the office, Kimmi’s frustrated with Marsau that he would ask her about this party. But LaTisha tells KeKe that she’s ready to move on from the past.

Destiny questions Martell’s business acumen and Martell gets shady.

Later on, Martell stops by Destiny’s beauty supply store. When they talk about kids, Destiny brings up his recent post on Instagram. The post referred to his 5th child and Destiny says the post was offensive to Melody. But Martell says he is going to claim all of his kids and he will talk about all of his children as he sees fit.

Things lighten up when he brings in products he’s promoting from a haircare company run by an apparent friend. Destiny’s shocked to learn that he hasn’t signed any promotional contract with the company. She warns him that he needs to sign the contract before he promoting anything. In his interview, Destiny says Melody was most likely the brains behind the Holts operation.

Unfortunately, things get tense when Martell asks about La’Berrick and ends up saying Destiny’s mouth was the reason why she’s getting a divorce. In his interview, Martell says women need to allow men to be men or they’ll end up with a weak man. But Destiny tells Martell that he’s weak and men like him can’t handle women who stand up for themselves.

Chris Fletcher has a proposal for Melody.

At Melody’s office, she’s with Milani while in the middle of a Zoom meeting. Melody’s still working and found time to drop a single that landed at number 4 on the R&B charts. During the meeting, Chris Fletcher stops by for a chat. After the Zoom meeting, Melody meets with Chris. During the meeting, he brings up the 47 acres that were bought for the Comeback Group. Chris’ investor is in the process of closing on it and Melody’s relieved to be done with it.

But Chris wants to bring her back in as he asks her if she’s interested to build custom homes. She asks if Martell knows about this and Chris says no. While she is okay with accepting the offer, she doesn’t want to have any more drama with Martell. So she’ll do it if he’s okay with it.

Kimmi’s confronted by LaTisha’s family.

It’s the day of LaTisha’s graduation party and Marsau is hosting a cookout to celebrate. Even LaTisha’s father Horace shows up. Kimmi’s there talking to LaTisha’s brother about her tension with LaTisha. LaTisha’s cousin KeKe comes over and brings up how the tension came from the season one reunion where Kimmi was in the middle of LaTisha’s beef with Melody. 

KeKe feels Kimmi contradicted LaTisha at the reunion. But Kimmi’s frustrated that LaTisha’s family is even bringing this up as this occurred during season one.

Eventually, LaTisha shows up and sees her whole family. Although she knew about the party, she didn’t know her family – sans Wanda – would be there. She suspects Marsau planned the party on a day he knew Wanda couldn’t show up. Later on, Marsau gets confronted by LaTisha’s family over the “other side of the tracks” comment from an earlier episode. Meanwhile, Kimmi pulls LaTisha aside to talk about what her family brought up earlier.

LaTisha still feels Kimmi didn’t have her back since that moment and she didn’t care about her. But Kimmi says that is not true even though LaTisha says her actions say otherwise. Kimmi then brings up how Maurice’s ex-wife said disparaging things about her at the reunion and she faced that alone.

In her interview, Kimmi says LaTisha’s spoiled and feels all of them condoned LaTisha’s behavior. Overall, Kimmi feels LaTisha isn’t hearing her but LaTisha says she’s ready to move forward.

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