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LHHATL Recap: Safaree & Erica Clash Over Parenting + Mendeeces Speaks His Mind on Infinity

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Infinity and Yandy come to an understanding.

Yandy and Infinity continue their conversation as the tears flow. For Yandy, she’s upset that Infinity allowed the world to think that their issues were because of Mendeecees. They began to clash after Infinity got into a toxic relationship with an older person. So both decide that they are going to have each other’s backs. A conversation that includes Mendeecees is necessary so everyone can move forward.

Rasheeda wants a better relationship with her older sister.

Cheryl, also known as Boobie, is Rasheeda’s older sister. They aren’t that close and Rasheeda feels she only hears from her when Boobie needs money. Regardless, Rasheeda’s mother Shirleen wants to plan something to celebrate Boobie’s birthday at the bistro. When it comes to Boobie’s behavior, Shirleen thinks Rasheeda can be an enabler.

Erica goes to a doctor’s appointment to get checked out by Dr. Jackie. They discuss Safaree’s lack of a reaction to the baby news. Jackie wants Erica to be more understanding because she had a lack of a reaction and shock too when she learned she was pregnant again. But Erica knows that things have been rough and Safaree was just now getting adjusted to the first child. Erica doesn’t want to end up being a single mother again.

They switch gears and Erica learns the gender of the baby. This isn’t revealed yet to the viewers.

Rasheeda tells Kirk her plans.

Yung Baby Tate attempts to hash things out with Guap over a FaceTime call after an icy night but the conversation goes nowhere. So Guap hangs up on her. But Tate doesn’t let it get her down and she’s happy her music video has now reached over a million streams.

Rasheeda notifies Kirk about her recent conversation with Shirleen about Boobie. At this point, Rasheeda wants to try to have a better relationship with her. She wants to know that she did at least try to improve things. But it’s hard because it’s like Boobie always wants something from her.

Mendeecees speaks his mind.

Infinity and Mendeecees talk things out. Mendeecees tells her that as a family, they can’t blast their issues out on social media. They have to learn how to settle things in a positive way. But he wants to get to know her and he didn’t intend to hurt her feelings by posting a family picture on Christmas day after she told them she wasn’t coming. But they will get to know each other and work on their relationship. And Infinity will come to the house to see the kids.

Yung Baby Tate and Guap meet up. Guap says he really likes Tate but he didn’t like her behavior the last time they saw each other. He wants them to remain cool but he doesn’t think they should be in a relationship. Tate is disappointed but she understands.

Mendeecees needs to see more from Infinity, Rasheeda and Boobie make progress.

When Infinity comes over to see the kids, they are happy to see her. She wants to stay at the house as long as she can but Mendeecees needs to see that she has matured and won’t cause drama on social media before he agrees to that.

It’s the night of Boobie’s birthday dinner at the bistro. Boobie gets emotional and says she feels like Rasheeda is closer to her friends. She wants to spend more time with Rasheeda but Rasheeda always seems too busy for her. Rasheeda says she always invites Boobie to things and the few times she showed up, she had an attitude and kept to herself. But since both women want to be closer, they agree to work on their relationship.

Safaree and Erica clash, again.

Erica joins Safaree in their studio with their daughter. She gives him an update on her recent doctor’s appointment. And she says she can now understand better his lack of a reaction to the pregnancy news after talking to Dr. Jackie. Safaree is happy to hear this. They discuss the baby’s gender and Safaree says he wants a son to carry his last name. So he’s happy when Erica confirms they are having a boy. Things turn left after their daughter falls on the floor after playing around with a guitar.

Erica goes off on Safaree and calls him an idiot for not picking her up. She doesn’t like that Safaree laughed and she now worries that she just got a taste of what things are going be like after the baby arrives.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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