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‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Raq Makes a Cold-Hearted Decision Behind Kanan’s Back

raising kanan season 1 episode 2

Photo Credit: Starz/YouTube

Raq continues to worry about Kanan’s safety.

Kanan is getting ready to return to school after being shot at in front of the house. Since he killed Buck Twenty, people are looking for him to get revenge. So Raq wants him to understand that he must always watch his back and he’s now in the game since he pulled the trigger.

When he arrives at school, he watches Davina in the middle of a fistfight with another female student who claims she slept with Buck the night before his death. So there is no way that he could have loved Davina. After Davina lands the last blow, Kanan’s friend D Wiz is impressed by her street fighting skills. Meanwhile, Jukebox thinks Davina is dumb to fight over someone who is dead.

Kanan has to lay low at the stash house.

While grabbing a bite to eat with Lou Lou and Marvin, Raq says they need to take Kanan to the “stash” so he will be safe. They need a new location for business and Lou Lou suggests they hook up with the Columbian owners of a bodega. The wife approached him and said she was looking for new “business opportunities.” Meanwhile, Marvin says he wants to throw a party to let the streets know they are still in business. Lou Lou and Raq aren’t impressed. And they don’t think Marvin is all that focused on business.

Kanan sees Davina waiting in the principal’s office. He tells her he’s sorry about what happened to Buck. Davina says that she felt the need to fight because it’s wrong to speak ill of the dead. Their conversation is interrupted after Davina’s mother Patricia storms into the office.

Raq meets up with Unique again. He tells her that he called off his people so they aren’t coming for Kanan anymore. However, he can’t do anything to stop Buck’s people from wanting revenge. Before ending their talk, Unique says the streets “need a body.”

Detective Howard reveals his hand.

Marvin stops by Hugo’s club to ask his publicist Toni if he can have his party there. She’s not feeling the idea and tells him she’s mourning her dog’s death. At this point, she thinks Raq had something to do with it. But Marvin tells her Raq loves animals too much to do something like that. He also lies and says Raq said she respects Toni because she’s a tough white girl. So Toni changes her mind and says he can have the party there. And Marvin tells her to save him a dance.

Detective Howard pulls up on Unique and asks him about Buck. Unique says that he needs to talk to Raq about that. Howard then says that he doesn’t like how Raq runs things after High Post’s death. She doesn’t follow the rules or code. So if Unique can make sure no more bodies drop, he’ll do what he can to make sure that Unique and his crew are the last ones standing.

D Wiz is on Raq’s mind.

Raq and Lou Lou head to the bodega to talk business. They see the wife has a fresh black eye. So it’s clear that she’s in an abusive marriage. Regardless, they agree to use the room in the back and pay rent. As for Kanan, Marvin takes him to the stash house. He is told that he will work there and his job is to keep an eye on things with another guy named Scrappy. But all Scrappy seems to do there is play video games.

Kanan later complains to Raq and says he wants to be on the corner, not playing video games at the stash house. But Raq says he has to walk before he can run. She brings up D Wiz and says she knows his brother came back home recently from prison. So that’s probably where D Wiz and Kanan got their guns from. Kanan doesn’t confirm or deny this, and Raq plays it off and tells him that he’s only as good as his crew. To this, Kanan says his crew holds him down.

Jukebox has her first kiss with her crush Nicole. Nicole wants her to go with her to the debutante ball.

Kanan tells Raq that he knows she put him in the stash house to put him on ice and keep him off the streets. She admits to this and says his father Def Con did her the same way when she was pregnant. And to be a good leader, one has to learn how to listen and learn. So she suggests that Kanan enjoys his night in and calls D Wiz to come over to watch New Jack City before she heads out.

But before D Wiz can make it to Kanan’s, Lou Lou tells him to get in the car and come to party with him. Kanan will be there too. Jukebox sees this happen from across the street as she gets off the bus.

Marvin defends Toni.

While Kanan is waiting for D Wiz, he sees Davina pushing her little sister down the sidewalk with a stroller. She tells him she heard that he and his crew had beef with Buck. But Kanan says this isn’t true. And he’ll see her when she returns from her one-week suspension.

When Lou Lou and D Wiz get into the club, Lou Lou pays a woman named Amber to have s*x with D Wiz in the club. Marvin ends up punching a man for hitting on Toni while drunk.  He ends up getting jumped by the guy’s friends and D Wiz wants to help him. But Lou Lou prevents this and says they have somewhere to go and Marvin knows how to handle himself.

D Wiz is sacrificed.

The cops are called and Marvin is in the process of being arrested as Toni thanks him for fighting for her with a kiss. He says she is his “girl.”

Raq sleeps with Symphony.

Kanan is still wondering where D Wiz is so he calls to ask his mother if he’s at home. She says no. Meanwhile, Lou Lou shoots D Wiz in the head while he’s peeing in an alley. He calls Raq and tells her “home run” after she previously told him to get his “Reggie Jackson” on.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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