Robyn Dixon Goes off on Wendy Osefo + Wendy Claps Back

Photo Credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant and Wendy Osefo fell out over rumors.

On the current season of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” tension has been building between Gizelle Bryant and Wendy Osefo. Earlier in the season, Wendy revealed that she’s now on good terms with Karen Huger. After a disastrous season between them, the two women were able to hash out their issues. And they are now building a friendship. Karen even gave Wendy advice about launching her new home essentials business. When Gizelle and Robyn appeared to be ganging up on Karen at Wendy’s event, she told Robyn to stay out of it and let Karen and Gizelle handle their business.

Wendy’s choice to have Karen’s back didn’t sit well with Robyn or Gizelle. And they have been questioning why Wendy’s feelings towards Karen have changed.

They also think Wendy has changed a lot overall since her first season on the show. In fact, they think she’s dressing a lot more provocatively than before and she’s been talking about the work she got done to her body a lot.

On the upcoming episode, both Gizelle and Robyn will confront Wendy about this during the girls’ trip to Williamsburg. But when Ashley Darby tells Wendy about the rumors Gizelle told her about Eddie Osefo, things get really heated. And Wendy even has a moment with Robyn.

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