Gizelle Bryant Feels Wendy Osefo is Too Rehearsed + Insults About Jamal Bryant Are Stale

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Wendy Osefo is too rehearsed according to Gizelle Bryant.

Gizelle Bryant thinks Wendy Osefo overreacted after she was informed of Gizelle’s comments about Eddie Osefo. The comments were about blogs accusing Eddie of cheating. The “Real Housewives of Potomac” stars were on good terms before Ashley Darby told Wendy that Gizelle wonders if she changed because of the rumors. Since then, Wendy is convinced that Gizelle is attacking her marriage. And she’s doing so because she’s bitter that her own marriage to Jamal Bryant didn’t work. And the reconciliation didn’t work out either.

During an interview with the We Should Talk podcast, Gizelle had some things to say about her issues with Wendy to Gibson Johns. She said that the issue wasn’t about Wendy getting work done. But the fact that she came back for her second season more “rehearsed.”

“It was never the issue, well it was kind of the issue in the beginning because you lied about what your surgeries were. That was just weird. We’re all women. If you wanna get your boobs done, your butt done, who cares, right? But it wasn’t that. It’s how you were acting. How you are treating Mia. It’s how you are treating people unnecessarily. It’s you being so rehearsed. You know, you’re coming into a scene with rehearsed lines. It’s the TikTok of it all. It’s all of that.”

She continued, “It was all very off-putting. And we’re not those women. We’re not those women who come in that’s trying to read people with lines. Those aren’t our scenes. That’s not what we do. So it was just like wow. She’s been practicing in the mirror a whole lot.”

Is it projection?

Gizelle also discussed Karen. She said that fans have been saying that it seems as if Karen only goes after Gizelle. “Everybody on the show gives Gizelle shade. Karen on the other hand…no. She only wants to talk about me. Me, and me, and me. And so, I hear that from the fans. I hear, “Is she ever going to have anything to say about anyone else but Gizelle?” So she needs to get there cause you know, I share my shade. She needs to share hers.” She continued, “She’s just a very amusing person. So fighting with her is a little boring cause you know, we do better when we’re kind of okay.”

And when it comes to her drama on the show, she just doesn’t let much get under her skin. “Most of the time when people are angry and they’re screaming and yelling and they’re going crazy on me, it’s typically they’re mad because of their issues. But they’re taking it out on me and I know that. You know, the whole Wendy thing last week, no Wendy you’re mad at you and what’s going on with you. Like there’s no way you could have gotten that angry.”

Insults regarding Jamal Bryant don’t trigger Gizelle Bryant?

She doesn’t care when people drag her about Jamal. “And Jamal is an easy target. People can say whatever they want about Jamal. I don’t care at all. It won’t even faze me anyway because I know my relationship with this guy. He’s been in my life way before I met these people. And he will always be in my life so that doesn’t even bother me. It’s kind of like guys, come up with something else. That’s too easy of a target.” She added, “So my position always is whatever you’re screaming about, that has to do with you. It has nothing to do with me. I’m good over here.”

You can listen to the podcast in full here.

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