RHOP Recap: Robyn & Gizelle Say Candiace Didn’t Learn Anything from Last Season’s Altercation

rhop season 6 episode 14
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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the chaos from Mia and Candiace’s blowup continues. Mia gets emotional because her mother became a target. And Candiace is emotional about Mia calling her music video low budget. But after Candiace talks to Robyn and Gizelle, she says she didn’t know Mia’s mother is a recovering drug addict. She wouldn’t have called Mia’s mother low budget if she had known. And she does feel bad that Mia’s feelings were hurt.

With Robyn and Gizelle in tow, the group heads to dinner. This is when Ashley and Candiace clash, again. Chris says he wants to be on good terms with Ashley and Michael. But Ashley isn’t over Candiace calling Michael an “overseer” on Twitter. They exchange words, and Ashley brings up last season’s altercation. She tells Candiace she is the common denominator. And she had her hands all in Mia’s face and threw lettuce despite what happened what Monique.

Candiace gets upset and says Ashley escalated the situation with Monique by getting involved legally. In her opinion, Ashley is a “vindictive b*tch.” Gizelle isn’t letting Candiace blame Ashley for any of the drama. And she and Robyn begin to feel as if Candiace learned nothing from last year.

As for Chris, he just wants Candiace to learn how to be the bigger person. He’s tired of the drama.

Here’s a recap for “Tossing Salads and Spilling Tea (Bags).”

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