David Edwards’ Daughter Has Some Words for Tami Roman Amid ‘The Real World’ Reunion

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It wasn’t easy for Tami Roman to revisit her past on “The Real World.”

Tami Roman is well known for her time on “Basketball Wives.” However, “The Real World: Los Angeles” was her first rodeo. For Tami, she wanted to be as transparent as possible back in 1993. It wasn’t easy for her to move into a house with strangers. Since they all had different backgrounds and experiences, drama followed. For Tami, her most controversial moment on the show happened with David Edwards. David thought he was playfully pulling a blanket off Tami, but she didn’t see it that way. In fact, Tami was only wearing underwear under the blanket. She told David to stop, but since she was laughing, he figured she was fine with what he thought was horseplay.

Fellow roommates Beth Stolarczyk and Irene Berrera intervened. Things got really heated. And Beth compared David’s actions to r*pe. Irene agreed with Beth’s assessment. Irene also threatened to call the police and “scream r*pe.” At the time, Irene was actually a police officer. So the two women supported Tami and told producers David needed to be kicked out of the house. They no longer felt comfortable living with him.

This happened in spite of the fact that David was not the first one to try to pull off the blanket. Jon Brennan was. And after David got involved, it was Jon who banged on the ground with his hands to imitate the WWE countdown. So it all seemed playful to David.

Well, David was devastated. He also had to deal with the backlash once the episode aired on MTV. His comedy career was stunted as many took in Irene and Beth’s perspectives of the situation.

On the latest episode of “The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles,” producers showed Tami and the others raw footage they didn’t see. David felt vindicated. His daughter also shared her feelings about the situation. And she feels Tami was wrong in how she handled it.

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