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David Edwards’ Daughter Has Some Words for Tami Roman Amid ‘The Real World’ Reunion

Photo Credit: Paramount Plus/YouTube

After David Edwards clears the air with Tami Roman, his daughter shares her thoughts.

“The Real World: Los Angeles” fans are still talking about the latest episode of ” The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles.” On episode 2, Tami Roman and David Edwards once again discuss the blanket incident. The group originally rewatched the footage that MTV aired back in 1993, however, they were also shown never before seen footage as well.

In the raw footage, Tami was shown with Beth Stolarczyk and Irene Berrera telling producers they want David out of the house. Irene said that what David did was bordering criminal. And she’s afraid of what he could do next. Beth said David was going to pay for what he did. She knew the producers wouldn’t allow him to get away with it. At one point, Beth said in a confessional that she was afraid to sleep with David in the house.

Tami and the others were also shown raw footage of the producers talking to David. He broke down in tears and said he’s “not a piece of sh*t.” He’s a human being. At that moment, David felt like he was being discarded like he didn’t matter. And when he tried to talk to Irene and the others about the incident, they refused to talk to him. They just went to the producers instead.

Tami, Beth, Irene, and Jon Brennan apologized to David. David apologized to Tami. And Tami revealed that she reacted the way she did back then because she was dealing with body dysmorphic disorder.

Later on in the episode, David recapped what happened with his daughter Davanna. And she revealed her feelings about Tami. “I feel bad for her. But it doesn’t sit well with me on how she handled it. She affected your career bad.” David then told her that Tami apologized. “She apologized. And Beth apologized for labeling me as a rapist. So did Irene.”

Interestingly enough, Tami had some strong words for Jon and Beth S. after the conversation with David ended. She felt like they didn’t stick up for her after she revealed she was dealing with body dysmorphic disorder. And she is still dealing with it.

Tami just felt as if her revelation was completely overlooked. Beth S. and Jon tried to assure Tami that they care about her. But Tami didn’t see it that way. She told Jon and Beth S., “Well, I don’t f*ck with y’all like that.”

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