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Martell Holt Says Melody Holt Told Their Children About Baby Fathered Outside of the Marriage

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Melody Holt doesn’t regret telling her children about their new sibling.

Martell Holt has made it clear he’s not exactly comfortable with discussing his fifth child on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” He especially doesn’t like it when Melody Holt brings up the child during their conversations. Earlier in the current season, Melody asked Martell when he planned to tell their children about their baby brother. Martell said he would eventually. And Melody requested to be there when he does it. But Martell declined. He didn’t want Melody to be around their children when he broke the news.

During a preview for part 3 of the season 3 reunion, Carlos King asks Martell if he told his children about the baby. In response to this, Martell says, “Melody told them…”

At this point, Melody begins to explain her actions, “If I told my children that you had a child…whenever we pulled up, while you were there with your baby momma and your child, my kids were crying. And I had to calm them down…”

Martell isn’t hearing this and he gets snippy. “Why did you drive over there? It’s pathetic right there though.” However, Melody isn’t going to back down. “You’re pathetic because here’s the thing, I don’t have to protect your lie.”

Melody also has some interesting moments with LaTisha Scott and Destiny Payton-Williams. Carlos asks Destiny if she’s spoken to Melody as of late. She answers, “I haven’t spoken to Melody since we wrapped.” Melody begins to explain herself, “I have to have my own time.” And she notices LaTisha rolling her eyes. “Tisha yes, that’s what I said.” LaTisha then lets Melody know she doesn’t think Melody understands how to be a true friend. “I don’t think you know how to be a real friend, Mel.”

LaTisha’s abilities as a friend are called out also. Kimmi Scott disagrees after LaTisha says she goes hard for her friends. “That’s a lie. She does not go hard.” LaTisha feels she rode hard for Kimmi, “When have I not went hard for you, Kimmi?” Kimmi responds with, “When have you, Tisha?”


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