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‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: A Shocking Revelation is Made

power book 2 season 2 episode 4

Power: Starz/YouTube

Monet threatens Carrie.

Carrie is under the impression that she’s meeting Zeke to talk about the investigation. After she receives a text from his phone number saying he’s almost there, Monet comes and breaks her car window. She puts a gun to Carrie’s head. Monet demands to know if Carrie killed Jabari. She says she didn’t and she was with Zeke the night Jabari was killed. But Zeke lied to protect her.

So Monet tells Carrie it’s her turn to protect Zeke. She needs to find out who really killed Jabari or Monet will be back again with her gun. Carrie cries in fear.

Things are put in motion by Tariq.

Tariq pays Maclean and Saxe a visit at their office. He tells them that detectives are trying to pin Jabari’s murder on Zeke. He needs that not to happen since he can’t stay in school if Zeke is locked up. Tariq also says that they found a missing officer’s gun at the crime scene and it’s the murder weapon. He believes this is all just a coverup by the NYPD. So Tariq wants them to run with that story and get Zeke out of trouble. He also tells them that they need to remember that Monet will pay anything to protect Zeke.

After Tariq leaves, Maclean tells Saxe to see what Sullivan, the district attorney he’s been sleeping with, knows.

Whitman is given a warning.

Stern calls a meeting with the dean of Stansfield, Carrie, Whitman, and Tate. Both Stern and Dean Wong say they don’t like the negative publicity surrounding the campus and Zeke. They want Whitman to back off if he has no evidence that Zeke killed Jabari. Whitman doesn’t want to take orders from Stern, but Stern lets him know that everyone takes orders from him. So he’d be wise to fall in line.

Carrie says that Jabari wrote some interesting things down before his death. And he claimed there was a drug organization running on campus. So Wong and Stern say that they will have this investigated. If they find nothing, Whitman must move on from Zeke.

After the meeting, Tate tells Carrie it’s obvious she has a history with Whitman. She had something with Jabai and Zeke. So he’s even more intrigued by her. Carrie cuts the conversation short. She tells him the best way for him to advance in politics is to prove Zeke’s innocence.

Money is needed.

Maclean tells Monet he will need a $1 million to clean up everything for Zeke. When Monet opens the safe in her bar, it’s empty. She calls an emergency meeting with Zeke, Diana, Dru, and Cane. They have to get the money in three days. When Diana is alone, she texts Maclean to ask if she can transfer the money she gave him for Lorenzo’s case to pay for Zeke. He says no and things are already in motion for Lorenzo.

Tate’s brother Kamaal is brought into Whitman’s investigation by Sullivan. Whitman isn’t happy about this so they have some tension. He says that he has a motive for Zeke. Plus, after Ramirez’s gun was found at the crime scene, Zeke gave him Ramirez’s PBA card. So there is definitely a connection to Zeke. In the meantime, Whitman will investigate the campus to verify if there’s a drug enterprise there.

Cane tells Mecca about Zeke’s current problems and how they need $1 million in three days. Mecca says that he needs his money from a man named Mahooney. Cane can go there and “clean him the f*ck out.” Then he can keep whatever he finds over the $50,000 Mahooney owes to help out Zeke. Cane later asks Brayden to be his driver for the night.

Lauren is dragged into the investigation.

Saxe later spends more time with Sullivan. He suggests she forms a good relationship with Kamaal because he’s her “cover.” When she walks off to call Kamaal, Saxe looks at the files on Jabari’s death.

Investigators learn that pills were found in Lauren’s dorm room. After Kamaal questions her about the source, she refuses to “snitch.” But she says the pills aren’t hers but she doesn’t know who they came from. Carrie convinces Lauren to wear a wire inside a watch to get information from other students. Doing so will ensure that her record remains clean.

Tariq pressure Warren, the conservator over Ghost’s estate, to help him get custody of Yas. He reluctantly agrees after Tariq threatens to remove him as the conservator.

Cane goes on his mission for Mecca and Brayden serves as the getaway driver. He laughs as they drive away from the gunfire.

Dru receives some disturbing information.

Monet asks Lorenzo to sign documents so they can mortgage the house to pay Zeke’s legal fees. Lorenzo says no because they need to focus on their own kids.

Dru reached out to Everette to see if there’s anything Zeke’s teammates will do to help him. They end up sleeping together. But Dru gets upset after Everette admits he told a portion of what happened on the night they were jumped at the club. And Dru’s name did come up.

Effie and Diana get dressed up to scam at a fancy clothing store. They have an honest moment as Effie warns Diana about Tariq. She says Tariq can’t be trusted. And Diana should wait for a guy who’s worthy to lose her v*rginity to.

Dru beats up a reporter after they ask Zeke if it’s safe to say murder runs in his family since he’s related to Lorenzo. In order for the reporter to decide to not press charges, Zeke must agree to a sit-down interview with Jemele Hill.

Footage will help Tariq.

Tariq bribes a corner store owner for security footage of his grandmother assaulting Yas. He’s going to use the footage in the custody battle. Meanwhile, Brayden lies and tells him he’s going to spend time with a girl he likes when he’s really running another “errand” with Cane. They end up robbing a jewelry store.

Whitman sees footage of Zeke shopping at a bodega and this verifies that his original alibi checks out. But Whitman isn’t backing down. He tells Tate that Zeke most likely hired Ramirez to kill Jabari. And Ramirez skipped town when the deed was done.

Zeke falls apart.

Tariq and Maclean prep Zeke for his interview. It’s important he sticks to the script.

Unfortunately for Zeke, his interview goes left after Jemele brings up that Ramirez’s gun was found at the crime scene and Zeke had his PBA card. After he storms off, Tate tells Carrie he’s getting off the sinking ship. Cane eventually tells Monet everything. She slaps him and urges him to locate Ramirez’s body so Zeke can be cleared. Monet receives a text from Maclean telling her the $1 million bill was paid in full.

Estelle confronts Tariq about his custody moves. She blames the downfall of their family on him and vows to fight him in court over Yas.

Zeke’s father is revealed.

Dru and Everette hash things out. While Dru won’t confirm or deny that his family sells drugs, he does tell Everette that Zeke is innocent. And his family had nothing to do with Jabari’s death. They kiss and make up after Everette is told to never speak to the authorities about Dru.

It turns out Mecca was the one who paid Zeke’s legal bills in full. He claims Zeke as his child and tells Monet to be with him again so he can take care of her and her children. He wants them to save Zeke.

Brayden unknowingly helps Cane make a move on Tariq.

Cane takes Brayden with him to dig up Ramirez’s body. Police find it and it’s confirmed Ramirez died before Jabari was killed. Whitman is disappointed his theory has been crushed.

Before they make out, Tariq notices Lauren’s new Rolex watch. She goes to the bathroom to take it off. While Brayden is sick in the bathroom from digging up the corpse, Cane takes Ramirez’s badge and puts in one of the drawers in Tariq and Brayden’s dorm room.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stanislous Wright

    December 14, 2021 at 10:43 am

    How can Zeke be Monet son? How old is he? How old is the other kids? How can Monet have a Whole baby without the husband knowing?

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