GUHH: Vanessa Defends Tanice, Jojo is Over It + Maureen Calls out Pepa for Not Checking Egypt

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Vanessa Simmons speaks up for Tanice Simmons.

The upcoming episodes of “Growing Up Hip Hop” won’t be lacking when it comes to drama. Jojo Simmons is at his wits’ end with his wife Tanice Simmons. The couple just had a baby boy, and they have been struggling to stay on the same page. In fact, Jojo has complained that Tanice is neglecting him when it comes to being a wife. He doesn’t feel he receives enough of her attention these days. However, Tanice is just plain exhausted. And she’s still trying to get adjusted to being a mother to two children.

In a preview, Jojo talks to Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons about his marital issues. He says, “Me and Tanice haven’t really been seeing eye to eye.” Angela questions what’s his actual issue with Tanice. And he answers, “She’s not trying.” Vanessa then tries to explain Tanice could be overwhelmed, “Her mind and body is spent.” However, Jojo still wants more, “F*ck it.”

Tanice has her own conversation about the state of her marriage. And she’s concerned her marriage won’t survive, “It’s scary because when you have two kids, it’s just like I don’t want to get divorced.”

Tee Tee’s mom calls out Egypt Criss’ behavior.

Although Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis has been stressed out planning her wedding to Shawn Rogers, there is still family drama she’s still dealing with. She’s not on good terms with Egypt Criss or Pepa. And she feels Egypt’s relationship with Sam Wright is what caused the breakdown. As for Egypt, she believes Tee Tee crossed the line when she became so critical of Sam.

In the preview, Tee Tee has a sitdown with her mother Maureen Denton and Pepa. Tee Tee calls Pepa out for not telling Egypt that there were certain lines she shouldn’t cross, “We’re talking about you not telling Egypt there’s certain lines, don’t cross.”

And when it comes to Egypt, Maureen says her niece has been very rude, “She’s rude and out of order.”

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