‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Donna Reacts to a Controversial Video of Alex & Tatti + Alex Goes Off

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Donna blamed Alex for her departure from “Black Ink Crew.”

Black Ink Crew” star Donna has many controversial moments on the show. However, her time on the show seemingly came to an end after she was accused of domestic violence. In fact, the crew suspected she put her hands on Alex. Alex fueled the suspicions when he told producers Donna was responsible for a scratch on his face. However, after the episode aired, Alex backtracked. He even said that he lied on Donna because he was angry at her at that moment. But what really happened was they were arguing while he was shaving. So he accidentally cut himself with the razor.

Although Alex did issue a public apology to Donna, other cast members wouldn’t budge from their theories. Ceaser and Puma especially still believe that Donna put her hands on Alex. So Ceaser banned Donna from all of his shops. So this is supposedly Donna’s last season on the show.

Donna feels betrayed by Alex. She has accused him of giving life to a false narrative that resulted in her being pushed off of the show. And she takes issue with this because she had Alex’s back when he was jumped by Ceaser and Teddy a few years ago.

Well, Donna and Alex were recently a hot topic once again on social media. A certain video of Alex and Tatti went viral. And Donna made it clear that she has some uncomfortable suspicions.

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  1. Hol’ up…Donna & Tati used to smash while Donna was with Alex. She took Alex out to eat and took the scenic route to reveal that she & Tati had got down. Alex didn’t seem to mind it but eventually I believe they had a 3some.
    With all of that being said MISS DO-ME-IN-THE-BATHROOM ‘shared’ her man with Tati so what gives if she was grinding on him? Besides Alex& Donna are no longer a couple so he can do who he wants.
    Donna is a real mental case now. I mean it’s like night & day. I’m not digging how she’s popping off on the internet but later apologizing for what she said. Nah, she meant every word. She’s working on a defamation suit by Ceaser. He won’t do it for money because she may not have it but principle…yes indeedy.
    I also feel she’s emasculating Alex but he’s let her. He may as well wear a ball gag and handcuffs and leather restraints! I didn’t like how she spoke to him especially in front of everyone.

  2. Umm I’m not sure why Donna or anyone else is surprised. Tati is no one’s friend. And Alex showed he’ll do whatever as long as he can keep getting the check from the show. He really stayed after Ceaser and Teddy jumped him. And he let them say whatever about Donna in his presence. Donna should have seen red flags a long time ago.

    1. I agree with AND WHAT on this….also Donna should never have invited Tati in their bed. Tati is a NOT a good friend. She don’t have a storyline and I think the so-called case she had was just THAT OR she snitched to get off cause who beats a case like THAT???? She brings NOTHING to the show. She’s another Ted ….she is spreading herself around the shop like Donna was doing. Her and her eyebrows need to GO

  3. Well how are they going to get rid of Donna when Cesar & I believe Ted and another person or two jumped Alex so how can the show kick Donna for what is just being said not on film. When Alex was jumped that was filmed. If I was Donna I would sue the show & Caesar for being treated differently and gender

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