‘Basketball Wives’ Star Brittish Williams Slams Malaysia Pargo Over Brandi Maxiell Feud

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Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell’s fallout shocked fans.

Basketball Wives” is currently having another dramatic season. Producers made some changes to the cast. And some of the ladies from “Basketball Wives LA” have returned. Interestingly enough, Brandi Maxiell’s return has been controversial. This is due to the fact that she fell out with Malaysia Pargo. Fans who have been watching the show since the LA days remember how close they used to be. However, Malaysia recently revealed that she feels Brandi’s firing is what soured their friendship. She accused Brandi of being mad about her dismissal and wanting Malaysia to do more to save her job. However, Malaysia feels like she tried her best. She recalls bringing Brandi around to film after the others iced her out. And she thinks Brandi wanted her to quit the show out of loyalty.

Well, Brandi and Malaysia’s fallout has been something the other women haven’t wanted to touch…until now.

Later on in the season, Brittish Williams decides to speak her mind on the whole situation. And doing so leads to her going completely off on Malaysia.

Interestingly enough, there are more major blowups coming as well. In fact, Brooke Bailey nearly comes to blows with sisters Nia Dorsey and Noria Dorsey. And someone else is injured in the process.

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  1. The fact that Brooke is still mad about that ememe lets me know she doesn’t have a real storyline and she is using the sister for one. I mean the meme wasn’t a big deal.

  2. I was wondering how long it would be before British try to come for Malaysia…i remember how OBSESSED she was with Malaysia when she was on the show before she kept trying to have a problem with Malaysia because Malaysia was paying her NO ATTENTION she felt Malaysia was stuck up…..i am proud of Malaysia walking out it shows growth.British need to focus on her LEGAL ISSUE and TOXIC baby daddy DRAMA…

  3. First of all I’ve watched Basketball Wives since they were in Miami the very first one but since they moved to LA they got a bunch of no wives at all most of them are xvideo Vixens or someone trying to come up Randy got her job off Malaysia so why is she going to try to tell Duffy she gave her her job Randy don’t have a storyline British don’t have a storyline or Brooke you need to remove them b i t c H’s off the show cuz there ain’t no good for nothing just to make trouble and mess and we got enough of that in the world without that

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