‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Kimes Gives Life to Messy Rumors About Quad Webb?

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ YouTube comments are hurting her friendships.

Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes is already in the hot seat for the comments she has made about other cast members on her YouTube channel. As it stands, none of the other ladies have been spared. However, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe feels like Heavenly crossed the line when she said she believes Dr. Scott Metcalfe is emotionally and verbally abusive. Due to these comments, Contessa called for an intervention. She felt Heavenly needed to be held accountable. Regardless, Heavenly felt attacked. She would have preferred if Contessa addressed their issues in private. So now she’s questioning Contessa’s loyalty. Plus, she’s accused Contessa of using her for a storyline.

Interestingly enough, Quad Webb has also gotten upset about Heavenly’s YouTube commentary. At one point, Quad was about ready to end their friendship. However, she had no idea that Heavenly didn’t deny it when she was asked if Quad sleeps with married men. She also accused Quad of getting work done on her body.

After Contessa played the montage of Heavenly’s comments, Quad was not happy. She had no idea that Heavenly said some of those things.

Well, this comes up again on the upcoming episode. And one scene may end up causing more problems in Quad and Heavenly’s friendship.

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  1. Umm wow. Heavenly and Anila aren’t being good friends to Quad. Now if she gets mad, they better not play victim.

  2. Anila needs to ease up on fillers.

    Heavenly has to be the funny person because she’s not really that cute. She needs a way to stand out. She’s not a doctor, she’s not a glamorous trophy wife, etc. I’m seeing that now. And if she is she acts so ugly that it makes her unattractive

  3. Heavenly has a slick mouth…I don’t see how she could ever keep friends with how she talks about them and treat them!!Just messy and foul!!! Now we all see why Dr. Contessa was pissed at her.

  4. I remember Heavenly mentioned on her channel that her friend circle really small….i GUARANTEE it’s not by choice.Heavenly TRASH TALKS the whole cast and i think it’s because she is the most UNATTRACTIVE of the ladies and her personality makes her plane UGLY!!!! She is INCAPABLE of being ANYONE’S friend ESPECIALLY WOMEN

  5. Heavenly does no more than they allow her to get away with. That is one of the reasons why she hated Mariah because Mariah would call her on her sh-t and/or give it right back to her.
    I remember when Quad and Heavenly first came on, Jackie was so nasty and dismissive to both of them and Mariah came to their defense especially for Quad.
    Once Contessa got on the show, Toyya and Simone, who had been Mariah’s true friend and doctor, banned with the “Mean Fake Girls” to oust Mariah.
    Well as Dr. Mayolou said, “When people show you who they are believe them”!
    As my mother use to say, “Those same enemies who banned together against you well destroy each other in the end”

  6. I’m watching my very FIRST full episode of “Married… Medicine” now. Is anyone going to pull Dr. Simone to the side and tell her about her huge overbite? I can’t watch another scene. That overbite is front and center. 😳🥺 How long has this been overlooked? I really need someone to reply.

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