‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Charmaine Quits the Show + Ryan Has Run out of Empathy

black ink crew chicago season 7 episode 11
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On the midseason premiere of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Ryan is focusing on taking 9 Mag to newer heights. However, some of the others wonder if he’s concerned about Charmaine. She hasn’t been around much since all of the drama that took place with 2nd City Ink. Prince and Draya have now moved on to 9 Mag. So it seems as if she’s not really in a good space with anyone in the crew. 

As for Charmaine, she’s had enough of the show. She films one scene and then decides she doesn’t want to film anymore. So she’s done with the show completely. Her artist Ceci seems to think the backlash from fans may have soured Charmaine’s feelings about the platform. And when Ceci tries to talk Ryan into checking on Charmaine, Ryan flat-out refuses. 

He feels that he and others have had to deal with social media backlash for past choices. So Charmaine isn’t special. And he has no desire to have the close friendship they once had. 

Here’s a recap for, “Welcome to the World of Being Seen.”

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  1. Charmaine said last season she was quitting so it’s no surprise…Neek is behind her decision though. Ok she’s married and settled now…but in the past …drinking … sleeping with Don…twerking every 5seconds…yes she will be judged especially on national TV…she had a bad reputation and alot of ppl haven’t forgot about it…maybe it’s best that she did quit but dont play victim.

  2. Charmaine has been the storyline on this show for multiple seasons. She was also the highest paid cast member for that reason. Ryan could not carry the show himself. Now this cast has no one to gang up on and talk about consistently. They ruined the NY show listening to fans and taking off integral people (Sky, Donna) because fans think they are producers. You’re gonna see real soon how bad this show needs Charmaine just like you saw the NY show decline. I’m not sure why Ryan is playing victim. He messed up his own relationship sleeping with an employee. And Don is not a victim either. He’s the same man who cheated on Ashley the night before their wedding and Charmaine didn’t find out about Ashley until after the fact. I’m not surprised a woman is being blamed for men’s choices more so than the men who made the choices themselves because a lot of black women are male identified. This midseason premiere was boring. The rest of the season was so dry they had to bring Van back to give these people something to do. This show will never be great again because the key people are all gone.

  3. Ryan slept with his best friend’s baby momma and employee and Don was messing with Charmaine and didn’t feel the need to tell her about Ashley until it blew up in his face. Ryan can have a seat. I ain’t forget a d-mn thing. Charmaine quit this show because Draya lied and cried colorism for a storyline. Charmaine isn’t desperate for money and has actual income streams outside of this platform so she doesn’t have to stay and be lied on anymore because other cast members aren’t interesting enough on their own. Truth be told, I only liked Charmaine and Kitty. Unfortunately, they are treated like punching bags and used for storylines. Kitty be careful sis. They’ll turn on you next. Especially those men They get jealous of any woman who is more popular. Ask Charmaine and Kat about it.

    1. Girl Phor already tried it with Kitty 🙄. These men are so fake. Jealous because Kitty and Charmaine are loved and the backbone of these shows. Gonna miss Charmaine but her peace matters more.

    2. Oh plz aint nobody lied on charmaine👈🏾(she started a whole bunch of sh-t and has been in a lot mess as well and now she gettin her karma back)and she dont like one bit

      1. Oh girl whatever. No one has started more mess or done more dirt on this show than Ryan, Don, and Phor. The problem is so many of you hate other women, so you’ll never hold men to the same standard. Then you want to talk about karma? Hilarious.

        1. And I’m trying to understand what “karma” she thinks Charmaine is getting. Charmaine is the most successful person to come from this show outside of Kat. Her and Neek’s business profited over a million dollars last year and her other ventures like her radio hustle has put her in a financial situation where she doesn’t even need this show. Two beautiful children and a supportive black man as a husband. No one cares about backlash from fans from a show people barely watch anymore. People really think they be doing something by writing nasty comments. They ain’t moving nothing.

  4. I will never bash Charmaine or put her down because she was the only one who had the courage to call out Lily for calling black people the N word. Those same men who have so much to say about Charmaine were too scared to tell Lily they were uncomfortable with her saying that to them. They call Charmaine everything but a child of God but couldn’t tell Lily to stop calling them the N word. I lost a lot of respect for them back then. Congrats to Charmaine for leaving a toxic work environment. She made a million from her business last year. And she still has a successful radio career to boot. Let these fans hate because she’s winning in real life. All the tragedies she’s faced and she refuses to stay down. I love that about her.

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