‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Drama: Ryan Considers Leaving the Show + Fans Call out Phor

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Van wants to know why Ryan no longer talks to him.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” returns on August 8. Some fans have been wondering about the future of the spinoff after Ceaser was fired from the New York show. Interestingly enough, it seems as if Ryan may also have questions about the future as well. On a preview for the upcoming episodes, Ryan reveals that he’s at a point where he isn’t sure what is best for him and the 9 Mag brand. He was able to move his employees into a brand-new shop. However, it’s become clear to him that filming the show is beginning to negatively impact his current staff. And after one artist goes completely off about the show, Ryan is forced to make a tough decision.

Interestingly enough, Ryan is still processing other difficult moments he’s faced as a business owner from years ago. Van hasn’t been on the show as a main cast member for a couple of seasons now. However, he makes his return. And he wants to know why Ryan completely cut him out of his life. Don takes the opportunity to remind Van that he did something that cost Ryan six figures to make right.

Plus, Don and Ashley appear to be having problems in their marriage again. A blowup happens during what appears to be a therapy session. Phor is also having some drama while co-parenting with his child’s mother. And some fans feel he crossed the line in the new trailer.

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  1. Aww Kitty. I know it’s tough to lose a parent. I pray she finds peace. I used to like Phor but I don’t like the little passive aggressive things he did to Charmaine and Kitty. He kicked them while they were down but got so much support when he was going through depression. He should have shown them the same kind of compassion. Not cool.

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