Kenya Moore Says RHOA Star is a Wannabe NeNe Leakes + Marlo Hampton Makes Show Ghetto

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Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton have been clashing on RHOA.

The cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is currently filming the reunion for Season 14. Interestingly enough, the drama has been nonstop. It’s the first time Marlo Hampton has held a peach. Although Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss advocated for this, Kandi and Kenya are the two main people Marlo has been clashing with. On the recent episode, Marlo was critical of Ralph Pittman’s reason for changing his mind about adopting Drew Sidora’s son. Ralph tried to explain he had to back off of it because the child’s biological father wasn’t really comfortable with the adoption taking place. And the biological father has been trying to form a relationship with the child after spending years in prison.

Kandi took up for Ralph and reminded Marlo that her situation with her nephews made her a hypocrite. And she had no right to get on Ralph’s case when she kicked out her nephews for 30 days. This turned into Marlo coming for Kandi and Todd Tucker’s marriage. She accused Kandi of taking care of Todd. Of course, Todd and those close to him are tired of the accusation.

Kenya and Marlo’s issues this season started after Marlo accused Kenya of lying about being sick to get out of attending the surprise dinner for Sheree Whitfield. At the time, Sheree was still processing being stood up in Philidelphia by Tyrone Gilliams. And things worsened between them after Kenya expressed she also felt like Marlo was wrong to kick out her nephews.

Well, Kenya had some things to say about Marlo, NeNe Leakes, and Sanya Richards-Ross ahead of the reunion. She didn’t hold back either.

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  1. Marlo is the only reason we are even talkng about the show this season. The other two reasons are Drew and Sheree.
    Overall the season is OK.

    Hopefully next year they cast better people….

    1. Time for Kenya and Kandi to take a hike they’re just not any good for the show at all, Kenya nor Kandi have a storyline they are tiresome, and the show has lost all of it’s luster, this season, if it wasn’t for Drew, Sanya and Marlo, the show would be dry as h-ll, bring some showstopper”s in or cancel this mess.

      1. Kenya & Kandi are the e backbone of this show, unless you only watch for the trashy parts. There – Marlo definitely takes the lead.

  2. Kenya and NeNe will always give each other props when it comes down to what’s best for the show. I respect that.

  3. Marlo tries to hard,and lies to look interesting her story line with her nephews is so fake,You send them away for 30 days, Real parents or legal guardian don’t have breaks in real time.How do you think your nephews feel about that Get away from me your on a 30 day probation, Sick Marlo take her peach back.

  4. Marlo does have a foul mouth. If we take out marlo’s, drew, and sheree with fatum’s drama from the show altogether I don’t think much conversation would be had. This is a business and they are employed to make the show interesting even if it was drama. Allot of people were saying the first few episodes were dry and yes it was messy but that’s why most watch and are interested in the drama.Otherwise what would people talk about. I think some perspective needs to be used when truly evaluating the show. It has been entertaining though and I’m looking forward to the reunion because of the drama. I wish people would stop saying they don’t want drama when that’s all everyone is talking, blogging, and vlogging about. Highly doubt most would be interested in dry story lines. Look what happened to the spin off with married to medicine, and the kept it too honest that they didn’t want to jeopardize their own careers. I’m entertained this season and I’m here for it lol!

  5. There is a difference between forced drama and organic drama. RHOP is organic drama. RHOA the first few seasons: organic drama. What Marlo is doing this season is forced and try hardish. It’s not really giving. And I say this as someone who has dragged Kenya and Kandi for years. LOL. I’m not about to get on here and pretend she made the season good because let’s be honest, it’s not really that good even though Marlo is doing the absolute most and picking fights with people for storylines. They need to bring Porsha back next season. And Sheree flops every time they bring her back. She brings nothing. That Tyrone storyline was fake and corny. Now she’s fake dating Martell. Again, boring. At least Porsha’s drama is real and entertaining. Bring her and Simon back on and you’ll have a hit next season.

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