Melody Holt Comes out on Top of Custody Battle Against Martell Holt?

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Melody Holt and Martell Holt have been tied up in a custody battle.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt have been in the headlines quite a bit for the last several weeks despite the show’s hiatus. Martell decided to sue Melody for full custody of their children. And the legal battle kept her from legally changing her name. As for Martell, he told his supporters that he wasn’t wrong to make the move. He even said they would support his choice once they were told the whole truth. However, he also expressed that he didn’t like that Melody would ask other people to watch their children instead of just asking him first. He also took issue with Melody’s brother watching their children. Some LAMH fans think this is due to homophobia. They have created a petition demanding he is fired from the show.

Well, Martell and Melody were in court the other day. So a lot of people have been wondering if Martell was victorious. Prior to the custody drama, both Martell and Melody agreed to joint custody of their children. The former couple was even getting along better. And Melody invited Martell and his mother to the vacation she planned for the children, too.

Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed what took place in court yesterday, some are thinking Melody came out on top.

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  1. Martell won’t get full custody because he can’t prove that Melody is an unfit mother (because she’s not).

      1. I totally agree he’s evil and don’t deserve custody of those children his visits should be supervised.

  2. In all honesty….I am just sick and tired of Martell and his foolishness!!! Leave that woman alone and move on with your life!!! The marriage he once had…he was the one who messed it up….As my grandma use to say….He went from Sugar to 💩!! And he can’t be mad at anyone but himself!! Just because he made his life miserable don’t mean he needs to make Melody’s miserable!!! Go SAT his butt down somewhere!!!

    1. That whole part. He just wants the kids to hurt her. When they were together and he had to care for them on his own and complained. So now you want custody of those 4 plus the one? Boy bye bye

  3. I’m hoping that that Mel gets full custody and the we will see how hotell will feel about that. He’s a clown..

  4. I don’t think Martell is evil. I think he want her back but she is over him. I think she was wrong when she didn’t bring the kids to his book signing. I was hoping they get back together but he can be a a$$. They were the show. He blew a good thing.

    1. I’m sorry, but why was she wrong….he had his schedule as well as she did of when he would have his children, why did he not schedule his book event, when he had his kids? Why should she have to rearrange her schedule for him…that was a manipulation plan on his end, to try to control the scenario….When she had her event, she didn’t infringe on his time, then vice versa….

  5. I also think that deep down he knows that she is good mother and he wants his entire family back but it is not going to happen. Most importantly, is he even thinking what the kids think about this custody battle? They are old enough to read and see everything that is going on with their parents. Doesn’t he realize how they feel about their mother? He should just accept joint custody and keep it moving. The kids should be his primary concern not his ego about wanting to destroy Mel by trying to get full custody of them. He struggled by taking care of them alone. He was the one who said, he should not have to babysit when she was out taking care of business. Who babysits their own children?

  6. Martel is very jealous and controlling of Melody. MARTEL is broke and needs her money thru child Support. Melody is a great Mom. Martel is unfit to get custody of the 4 kids.

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