Woman Who Hooked up with Yung Joc Comes for Kendra Robinson

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Meda comes for Kendra on the upcoming episode of LHHATL.

The recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” was a controversial one. Kendra Robinson was finally told about all of the current rumors about Yung Joc. She broke down in tears after Bambi and Erica Mena told her all they heard. She even told them she would annul the marriage if any of what was alleged turned out to be true. However, it’s the conversation she had with Joc following that scene that had fans talking plenty on social media.

In the scene, it was revealed that Kendra already knew about Meda and it’s true that Joc had a baby with another woman. However, Kendra said that Joc impregnated the woman while they were taking a break. So she chose not to move on from Joc as a result. And when it comes to Meda, Joc had already told Kendra that he messed around with Meda before getting with Kendra.

On the upcoming episode, Spice throws a fashion show. The ladies take this as an opportunity to confront Meda since she’s a participant in the event.

When Meda is once again asked about her alleged timeline with Joc, Meda says, “My ****** does not need a timeline for anybody.” Bambi responds, “We didn’t say that.”

Eventually, Meda decides to be messy. She has someone walk over with a trophy and she now wants a message to be delivered to Kendra, “I’ma need y’all to give her this award for acting like she doesn’t give a **** what her man does.”

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  1. Why is this Meda girl mad at Kendra? Shouldn’t she mad at Joc? It’s the same thing with Arionne. Side chicks stay mad at the wrong people.

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