Kandi Burruss Makes Shocking Accusations About Carlos King

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Kandi Burruss confirmed she fell out with Carlos King.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss’ feud with Marlo Hampton worsened after Marlo appeared on Carlos King’s podcast. Marlo discussed multiple topics on “Reality with The King.” To no surprise, Marlo talked about Kandi. She said that she felt like Kandi had been coasting for way too long. She then went on to say that Carlos felt the same way when he was a producer for the show. Marlo said she decided to make Kandi work for her check. And she didn’t care about the fact that Kandi was one of the people who advocated for Marlo to receive a peach.

Sheree Whitfield also appeared on the podcast. Carlos asked her if she thinks Kandi has too much power behind the scenes. Sheree answered yes. And she went on to say that she wants Phaedra Parks back on RHOA.

Some RHOA fans started to wonder if Carlos may have beef with Kandi. And they wondered if he was inviting certain guests on his podcast to get under her skin. Eventually, Kandi was asked about the status of their relationship recently on “Speak On It.” And she made it clear that she and Carlos are not on good terms. However, she didn’t explain why.

Well, Kandi has finally opened up about her fallout with Carlos. She made some shocking accusations.

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  1. Heyy! Alright Haus of Aaron! Yes, I love to see it! Kandi did a great thing by using her power and postion to elevate Youtube Vloggers. I have to say though, Haus of Aaron gave a great interview that was thoughtful, well structured, while also giving that Aaron humor. His questions was more focused on Kandi, her life, and business ventures. The whole interview flowed and was smooth that there was no awkwardness or unnecessary shade (not focused on sheree). After seeing that interview, it made me wonder why everyone want to do Kandi wrong when she genuinely try to work with people; people that noone would have gave a chance. I think many could use a partner and friend like that, imo. That’s starting with Kim on down to currently marlo who did her dirty. Keep shining and it’s good to see how positive kandi is even with the bad. She take it as a lesson. Okay ma’am I am here for it! 🧡 Also I love that her and Porsha are getting to a good place and she even shows support. I hope her interview put to rest the vitriol and hate and are more positive.

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