LHHATL Recap: Joc’s Sister Tells Kendra He Won’t Change + Yandy Regrets Reunion Attack

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Joc just wants to move forward. 

Mendeecees tells Yandy that since his baby momma Samantha is now living in Atlanta happily engaged, Lil Mendeecees wants all of the adults to hash things out. He wants to see Yandy get along with Samantha as well. So he wants them to all go to dinner together. Although Yandy would prefer to not be involved, she would do anything to make Lil Mendeecees happy. 

Kendra and Joc have another counseling session with his pastor. They talk about how the baby news got out. Even the pastor knew about the baby before bloggers did. So it’s something that Joc and Kendra have been working through via counseling. Regardless, Kendra is still upset about this. So she skipped out on Spice’s fashion show so she wouldn’t have to talk about it. 

When it comes to Meda, it is said that Joc was messing around with her when he was married to his first wife. Kendra wants to believe it when Joc says that he stopped hooking up with Meda before he met Kendra. Another issue is Kendra found out that Karlie was at his bachelor party and Joc was rubbing on her. Joc says he doesn’t recall this. But he just wants him and Kendra to move forward. And stop discussing rumors about what happened before they were married. 

Yandy apologizes to Lil Mendeecees for the reunion drama.

Joc talks about all the drama with his good friend Chino. He says that he and Kendra took a break in 2019. Joc had a one-night stand and got the woman pregnant. He’s annoyed about everything because he just wants to be with Kendra. But Meda isn’t telling the truth. And it just seems like she doesn’t want him with Kendra. 

Although Mendeecees told Yandy that Lil Mendeecees wants them to hash things out with Samantha at dinner, Lil Mendeecees says that isn’t what he wants right now. Eventually, yes. But it did bother him when Samantha was attacked by Yandy’s people at the reunion years ago. His elementary school friends asked him about it when it happened. 

Yandy feels bad about this and apologizes to Lil Mendeecees. He accepts her apology. And they are just glad they finally talked about what happened. 

Joc has one last chance.

Kendra hangs out with Joc’s older sister. She tells her that she’s not sure if Joc is telling the truth when it comes to the Meda situation. Joc’s sister believes he is impulsive and it’s possible that he did mess with Meda while he was with Kendra. And Kendra says she’ll leave Joc if that is the case. 

Eric tries to surprise Sierra with a condo in Atlanta. But she’s not happy he didn’t involve her in the search. 

Sadly, Renni’s mother passes away. Renni is hurt and finishes a song in her honor. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. You feel bad Yandy but don’t want to sit down with Lil Mendeecees mother and apologize for your despicable actions. You are really a coward. You never want to face your wrong doing and expect people to just let it go when you do something trifling. This is exactly what Chrissy was talking about but because most of us didn’t like Chrissy we let all the red flags about Yandy and her mean spirited evil arse slide. Yandy don’t love Mendeecees other kids like she claims because they all deserve an apology and so do the mothers. Yandy started with them and made it seem like they was bitter but all the while ya man was still sleeping with Erica and y’all was pretending Samantha was some deadbeat. You attacked her because the truth was too much to handle. You didn’t put the kids first as you claim you always have or else that would of never happened. I believe that is only the surface of the situation too, trust there has been other incidents which is why the mother of his other children stood up for themselves. The worst part of the clip is Yandy making this all about her talking about she was being attacked. No you lost it because your lies was coming out and that chest you had puffed out caved in. you had the children you claim to love mother jumped on tv by men and women. You are a coward. But you got your karma when Mendeecees went away, still cheats and now know how those kids really feel. And because you don’t have the depth to take accountability and apologize there is sure more karma to come.

    1. Can’t argue when what you wrote is true, smh 💯 I don’t know why they don’t put him on blast in front of Yandy and cameras. You can tell he don’t lie well. He’ll crumble immediately😂

      1. He will get to stuttering like he usually do.
        He got to sit back and do dirt and watch the mother of his children go at it. How wrong. Then karma came and swooped him right to the penitentiary. I don’t wish jail on no black man EVER but all his wrong doing and how he was living caught up to him. Him and Yandy called Samantha a deadbeat for going to jail as if he was any better and then boom. He locked up Yandy crying and some wanna be activist all for the TV but was just shaming a mother who went to jail by the same system that is so flawed. This is when I lost respect for Yandy. Never had any for Mendeecees because of how he let these women bicker and fight with all these children involved to the point it got physical. Best believe Lil Mendeecees had a private conversation with his dad about this and just being respectful to Yandy while letting her know she was wrong for having his mother touched. He don’t want a sit down because he know Yandy too immature to do the right thing and wants to keep peace . He is a very intelligent young man.

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