Erica Mena Calls out Kendra Robinson After Yung Joc’s New Baby is Confirmed

Photo Credit: VH1

Erica Mena questions Kendra Robinson.

The preview for the upcoming episode of LHHATL will be a very interesting one. On Monday’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” the girls get together for a sleepover which includes matching pink pajamas. During the sleepover in one scene, viewers see the ladies shrieking with excitement as Sierra Gates shows off her engagement ring. 

But in a later scene preview, Erica Mena calls out Kendra Robinson.

With all of the tea spilled about Yung Joc regarding his now marriage to Kendra, Erica apparently learned Kendra wasn’t fully upfront about it all. Specifically, Kendra made it seem like she didn’t know about the baby or that Meda was messing around with Joc going back to 2017.

In the clip, Erica said the following:

We dropped bombs but you knew the bomb was coming. You gave us a reaction as if you were someone that was just finding out.

At the end of the clip, Kendra is seemingly left speechless as she tries to explain her truth regarding Joc’s infidelity.

Check out the preview below.

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  1. Kendra doesn’t owe any of those hens jack, what or when she knew is also none of their business considering they were all so pressed to spill the beans. Did it not occur to any of them she was simply embarrassed by the situation. Meda needs to get over herself cause all she did was make herself look cheap. Knock it off girls, Kendra doesn’t owe any of you a front roll seat to her life. Grow up.

    1. Right!! I 100% agree with this. They don’t tell everything going on with them. Do they?? 🤔🤔Why us Erica Mena even on the show? No 1 cares about her and Safaree..

  2. Erica needs to stay out of other people’s business and take care of her kids her and Bambi with all those kids she got I’m trying to be nice because they are not my favorite and people shouldn’t be running her mouth about anyone

  3. Even though this is a tough situation for Kendra and Joc to be in, especially still being newly weds. I 🙏 that her and Joc can work things out if they really ♥ one another and truly believe they can work through it together. It takes 2! Me, personally ally I would never marry anyone who has 8 plus children. God bless Kendra.

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