Anila Sajja Backs Away from Robbery Theory + Toya Bush-Harris Shades Anila’s Parenting?

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Toya Bush-Harris thinks Anila Sajja and Quad Webb took things too far.

Married to Medicine” stars Anila Sajja and Toya Bush-Harris both agreed to move on from their differences at the reunion for the previous season. However, things have definitely worsened between them during the recent episodes. In fact, Toya strongly believes Anila had something to do with the cheating rumor she’s been targeted by. The rumor alleged that Toya slept with a man from their neighborhood. Dr. Heavenly Kimes told Toya that one of Anila’s friends had spread the rumor to the group. And she thought that Anila and Quad Webb were planning to blast Toya about the rumor at Quad’s holiday party. Toya confronted Anila about the rumor. Anila denied having anything to do with it. Toya wasn’t buying this though. So she feels like Anila was trying to hurt her marriage to Dr. Eugene Harris.

Regardless of their issues, Anila was disappointed that Toya didn’t reach out to her about the robbery. She said Toya still could have called her to express concern since the robbery was traumatic for her family. Quad agreed. Interestingly enough, Quad and Anila have both been receiving backlash on social media. This is due to the ladies questioning if Toya could have something to do with the robbery.

Well, Toya slammed Anila hours ago on social media. And she seemingly took a shot at Anila’s parenting. Plus, Anila responded to the backlash from fans.

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  1. Why is Quad still on the show she’s not married and definitely not anyone’s real friend can we get back to the premise of the show and bring either another doctor or doctor’s wife to take her place. I can’t stand her perticous fake ass.

  2. I seriously think Anila is trying to slither away from this Toya robbed her narrative because she didn’t get the responses she thought she was going to get from fans. She really thought the majority of fans were going to agree with Toya being some criminal mastermind all of a sudden. Anila and Quad are two women I’d be too afraid to be friends with.

      1. Every episode, and last night was no exception, Anila makes some sort of negative comment or implies something derogatory towards these black women. Why these women don’t see this is beyond me. I tell you another one I think is navigating from the back is Jackie… who her minions: Heavenly and Quad go after and now Anila. Her girls downstairs and the Simone’s upstairs.

      2. Y’all remember how Anila accused Lisa of stealing cash from her purse because Lisa was in the same room but Anila told Kari (who had also been in that same room at the same time as Lisa) she knows Kari wouldn’t do that? 👀 🤔

      3. The black cast members are too busy being anti black themselves to notice an Indian couple is accusing a black couple of a serious crime. And just last season they had storylines about BLM and they even attended a protest. The irony would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

  3. They are all trying to cover their butts now that Toya is ready to sue and fans are siding with Toya on this. I have to say this takedown Toya attempt has been a huge fail so far. It’s actually made people who didn’t even like Toya defend her. She’s actually gaining fans. LOL.

    1. Me too and producers cut out more intriguing storylines and scenes because they thought the nanny storyline is what we wanted to see. These production companies are dropping the ball big time these days.

        1. How did you leap to jealousy so quickly? Is having a nanny supposed to be impressive or hard to achieve? Lots of people have nannies. It’s not even exclusive to the rich. I find the way y’all talk to and about black women in defense of Anila very questionable. The nanny storyline is cringe and very inauthentic. If Toya really had anything to do with that robbery, she’d be in prison by now. So think whatever you’d like. I’m going to live in reality.

          1. The fact that she thinks having a nanny is special enough to warrant jealousy is just so…yeah, I’m done with this post lol.

        2. Jealous? I seriously don’t even know how to respond to something so nonsensical 🤦🏾‍♀️. Whatever you think about me, it doesn’t change the fact that losing a nanny then getting them to come back is not compelling reality television. Ratings are down.

          1. Wasn’t worth your response boo! We knew what you meant and you’re absolutely correct!

        3. This show is literally about rich black couples who have nice homes, businesses, nannies, cars, multiple properties, etc. before the show even existed. Ain’t nobody jealous about Anila having a nanny. The storyline is boring period! They cut out like two additional altercations for a boring nanny storyline! Bad decision!

  4. Poor Lil Anila 😢, “I was just asking questions?” She isn’t going to admit that Quad made a fool of her, and she was wrong to suggest Toya had a part in the robbery.
    Or that she can’t handle her children and home without help, because Ms. Gomez is more than a nanny. She is the cook, the housekeeper, and everything else.

  5. For years the black viewers and black women on this show have shamed Toya for being a stay at home mom. Quad even said she’s not a good mother. Yet they are all quiet as Anila is struggling to take care of her children even though she works from home everyday. The self hate and anti blackness makes me hate this show so much. And of course there are black people who believe a black woman robbed an Indian family with absolutely no proof. Ugh. I’m really starting to understand the saying all black folk ain’t kinfolk.

    1. Exactly……
      What the h-ll does Anila have that Toya would be jealous of her. Anila and Quad are both users and are serving no purpose along with the silly chick that is the attorney, who is so out of place on this show.
      I hate the self-hatred and trying to destroy each other these black women are doing to each other for a dime. All this show is doing is perpetuating the negative sterotype of black women, men and families inspite of their education and success.

  6. JustMeToo, you could not have expressed the demoralizing display of foolery for a paycheck any better. And, yes Audra is too Section 8 for this show, hopefully this is her only season on the show. I also hope that Andy Cohen realizes that Quad has no place on the show and her scenes are time not well spent for viewers.

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