Quad Webb & Anila Sajja Call out Dr. Simone & Dr. Contessa for Comments About Robbery

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Accusations are plentiful on the current season of “Married to Medicine.”

The current season of “Married to Medicine” has gotten pretty messy. At the beginning of the season, the biggest source of contention was between Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Contessa felt like Heavenly crossed the line by calling Dr. Scott Metcalfe emotionally and verbally abusive on her YouTube channel. Heavenly didn’t see an issue because she was just answering the questions her fans asked. Plus, she was giving her opinion on the situation. Regardless, Contessa isn’t the only person who has taken issue with Heavenly’s YouTube commentary. Quad Webb has also called her out for this in the past. Plus, Toya Bush-Harris said she doesn’t like some of the things Heavenly has said about Dr. Eugene Harris. And Dr. Simone Whitmore has clashed with Heavenly after she and Cecil Whitmore had a moment on Twitter. So Toya and Simone Whitmore helped Contessa plan the intervention for Heavenly.

To no surprise, the intervention went left. Contessa and Heavenly were not able to salvage their friendship. And the group has backed off from pushing them to talk. So Heavenly’s time in the hot seat was brief.

Then conversations about Quad took place. Heavenly said that it was alleged that Quad was sleeping with a married man. YouTuber Funky Dinveva would later allege that Quad’s friend group outside of the show is responsible for the rumor.

Now it’s Toya being hit with accusations and messy rumors. So far she’s been accused of cheating on Eugene and now some are speculating she may have had something to do with Anila Sajja’s house being broken into.

Well, the upcoming episode will be very interesting. Quad and Anila end up calling out Contessa and Simone. And Quad accuses both of saying they believe Anila is committing insurance fraud.

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  1. Quad & Anila, are guilty point blank…….Check out Anila, she had a ‘Guilty” look on her when she was sitting with those ladies. I’m confused so now these ladies from Anila subdivision Quad, friends too WOW

  2. Quad straight up lied on Contessa and Simone. They didn’t say Anila staged the robbery. They said the hit narrative is stupid because it absolutely is. Why is Quad allowed to keep telling damaging lies about people on this platform?

  3. So Anila expected Toya to check on her after she was a part of spreading lies that could harm Toya’s marriage? She’s just as out of touch and delusional as Quad. These videos also showed that Quad is still a dangerous liar. Contessa and Simone need to check Quad for lying on them.

  4. Why is Quad still on this show? She does not have a storyline and she is not married nor practices medicine! Just get rid of her!

    1. This has been my feeling since the whole Mariah fallout. Quad is an attention who*e. She all up in these celebrity circles and sleeping with these married ladies husbands. They better beware of Quad. She’s fake.

  5. This is why I knew Quad lied on Mariah before she did the drug tests. As soon as Quad gets mad at someone, she accuses them of crimes and heinous acts with no receipts 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  6. Weird season for me because I’m starting to really like Toya. Mariah and Heavenly have always been my favorites. I try to give Quad a chance but I can’t get past how she tells serious lies about people. In one breath she said it’s life changing to accuse Anila of staging the robbery (Simone and Contessa did not do that), but Quad told life changing lies on Toya this season alone. I mean she accused Toya of a crime and cheating on Eugene. Quad could ruin Toya’s whole life with those lies. Man, Anila doesn’t realize she’s really on the wrong team. Wait til Qud gets mad at her.

    1. Great point but Quad said Anila being robbed was life changing. I agree though that accusing a married woman of cheating and setting up a robbery are just as life changing.

  7. I don’t know what to believe but I do feel that while toya is reckless with her money and mouth, it’s a reach to blame or say defamatory things about toya or anyone like that. That’s a very strong accusation that is not a funny matter. At the end of the day Toya is also a wife and a mom who has to maintain a certain amount of dignity to their family name. It would not only cause problems for toya but also eugene at his job and their boys with their friends and school. Not to mention the authorities being involved! Nope! Toya loves her life too much I can’t see her being reckless and negligent like that. I will also say when a robbery happens usually a police report is filed. Authorities will also provide contact information on who to call along with who is working the case. However a spokesperson from the ATL police department said they could not find the report. Ill just put that here. I do like anila and her family , it was a refreshing change to expand into other minority communities. However, this is looking really messy and also disappointing. Also, once again Mariah was right about Quad and her capabilities in lying.

  8. A blogger showed Quads house and said it is not 14,000 sq. ft. and Bravo knows it but keeps allowing her to say it and they keep posting it. House is only over 7000 sq. ft. for over 2 mill which she accused Toya of foolishly paying 2 mill for 9000 sq. ft. hmmmm Make It Make Sense. Showed pics inside before and after Quads “contractor”.

  9. Quad and her lies know no end when she decides to get someone, Lisa Nicole, Mariah, and now Toya. If she isn’t stopped I think Simone and Contessa will be next. She seems to scared of Heavenly. She will say a few things about Heavenly but she never gets to deep or carries much heat. Anila will say and do anything for likes and attention. No proof of police report?

  10. I just find it funny that Quad said Toya is just trying to deflect/change the narrative about the cheating rumor like that isn’t exactly what Quad is doing after Anila and Heavenly talked about her other friend group accusing her of sleeping with a married man. If you pay attention to Quad enough, you’ll see that she projects a lot. Toya isn’t running away from the rumor about her cheating. As soon as Heavenly told her, she went right to Anila and that other girl and called them out for it ON CAMERA. Meanwhile, Quad will not confront Heavenly or Anila for their role in spreading the rumor about her sleeping with a married contractor. So who’s really deflecting?

  11. Also, this is the most relevant Quad has been the entire season. She really hasn’t had much of a storyline for the last three seasons honestly. Maybe that’s why she went back to lying on people and accusing them of criminal activities. What else can she bring to the show outside of slandering people? Not much it seems.

  12. Quad is the type that will look you in your face and tell you the sky is purple. She lies so much that she really believes her own lies. Look at her completely lying about what Simone and Contessa said with a straight face. Anila is foolish to trust anything that comes out of Quad’s mouth.

  13. If Quad was on another reality show where they don’t mind fighting, she would have gotten her a-s whooped a long time ago. The lack of an a-s whooping is why she carries on the way she does.

  14. I don’t feel Quad should still be on the show. She isn’t Mrs. Gregory Lunceford anymore nor is she still employed as a drug rep. Get rid of her because she doesn’t even make for good tv. She is just another messy fixture that is unbearable to watch.

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