Sheree Whitfield Compares Martell Holt to Todd Tucker + Kenya Moore Throws A Little Shade

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Kenya Moore doesn’t care for Martell Holt.

Carlos King confirmed Martell Holt got into it with Kenya Moore. Martell recently filmed for “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star is dating Sheree Whitfield. And while some people think the relationship is real and the pairing is a good look, others are not impressed. Some people even think the marriage is just a stunt for two people looking for attention and storylines.

Fans probably thought it couldn’t get messier than Sheree clashing with Martell’s mistress Arionne Curry. However, a feud with Kenya could possibly take the drama to heightened levels. And Carlos said that Kenya and Martell’s moment was an explosive one. Carlos also said that Martell will be able to take on Kenya and any other real housewife.

Although Martell can defend himself without an issue, Sheree is seemingly still ready to defend her boo. And she did so during a recent interview with US Weekly. Before Sheree answered any questions, Kenya spoke with a reporter first. She was asked about her thoughts on Martell.

She answered, “I want Sheree to be happy. Yeah, I want her to pick better. I think she’s a good pick but I don’t think she’s a good picker.”

Sheree Whitfield compared Todd Tucker to Martell Holt?

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker were also asked about the drama. And Kandi said that Martell’s argument with Kenya was a lot.

When it was Sheree’s turn to interview, she was told that it seems as if Kandi and Kenya don’t care for Martell. Sheree defended Martell and brought up Todd.

“And it’s so funny that you say Kenya because every time she would text me or I would talk to her she’s asking about him. So then to get to where she is now, you know, some things that happened is kind of crazy to me. But hopefully, everything can be worked out.”

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  1. I’m really tired of Sheree playing in our faces. She’s a a straight up troll and I’m over it. The fact that Bravo really thought bringing her back knowing she’s never been authentic a day in her life at a time when RHOA is struggling so much lets me know they don’t care if this show succeeds anymore.

  2. I’ve never liked Sheree and this just proves why. She’s very dishonest and plays obtuse too much for me to enjoy. And this fake storyline aka relationship makes RHOA so raggedy. This show fell off so hard.

  3. Okay so I’m glad I’m not the only one who picked up on Sheree’s trolling. She says and does things to get a rise out of people. But this little wannabe side producer role she’s playing isn’t making the show good. But Sheree swears she’s bringing it.

    1. Sheree is trying to be Gizelle and produce the show herself and she doesn’t have the skill set to pull it off. The best she could do is bring Martell on the show. Like girl…you’re not helping RHOA. You’re making it boring and dusty Sheree.

  4. Todd is a much better man than Martell and Sheree knows this but she’s doubling down on that fake relationship because she has nothing else to bring to the platform. At this point, I’m not excited about the next season. LAMH isn’t good anymore either.

  5. I watch LAMH I love seeing Melody and Martell together no matter what. Sheree is not a show stopper she makes it boring. I don’t believe Atlanta Housewives is going to last.i stopped .watching

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