Candiace Dillard Bassett Receives Criticism Over Recent Comment About Gizelle Bryant

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Gizelle Bryant has officially lost her friendship with Candiace Dillard Bassett.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant is in the hot seat with Candiace Dillard Bassett. The issue is Gizelle told Candiace that Chris Bassett made her feel uncomfortable. And this allegedly took place during last season’s reunion. According to Gizelle, Chris approached her wanting to talk. They had a conversation in her dressing room. But Gizelle didn’t like this because Chris is a married man. So she had concerns about the optics. And she also told Robyn Dixon that Chris had been drinking. She felt like Chris was just trying to see if she’d be open to advances he never made. This didn’t sit well with Candiace. At this point, Gizelle is “dead” to her.

Gizelle has been accused of attacking people’s marriages in the past. Monique Samuels was furious when Gizelle brought a cheating rumor to the show. Monique has vehemently denied cheating with her trainer. And she was fed up that there was any speculation regarding their youngest child’s paternity.

Karen Huger also had the same feelings as Monique. In a past season, Gizelle accused Ray Huger of having a crush on her best friend. And she alleged that Ray followed the woman around at a party. Karen said Gizelle completely lied.

Candiace has been receiving a lot of support as a lot of fans don’t believe Chris did anything wrong. However, some fans take issue with one of Candiace’s tweets. This has led to debates on social media.

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  1. Ms Candiace you’re having a bad time with your journey is because it’s not meant for you. You’re a mean spirited person, you gay bashed people and wish death on a person that actually died. God don’t like ugly. Karma is real and it comes back on you in different ways.. Change your heart and spirit and maybe things will change for you.

    1. This! All of these Candice tweets/posts about Gizelle being old and wrinkled — like she’ll never age. Karma definately comes in diffrent ways and if Gizelle responded with her reproductive struggle is because of karma, Candice would go completely bonkers. She would try to get the entire IVF community to attack Gizelle saying she’s referring to all of them collectively. *of course she’d have that daggone tissue all the while*

  2. Chile Gizelle definitely is wrong but Candiace didn’t care when it was other people’s husbands she did this to. Fans tried to warn her. But she wouldn’t listen. Gizelle can’t be trusted.

  3. Hunni…. Giselle understands the assignment….She did everything she could to get Monique off the show…She even turned everyone against her…She did the same thing to Karen about Ray… Wendy about Eddie…She can’t do much about Michael..And now Candice….it’s u about Chris!!! When will y’all understand that Giselle is playing her role to keep/have a storyline going for herself because she has nothing else going on!!! H-ll….Robyn just may be next…


  5. But haven’t Gizelle kinda did these same exact things to other castrated hmmmmmmmm. Candice might have a point. But then look how Gizelle got at Ashley, what about Mia like damn Gizelle can start all this mess but she can’t be called out on her antics .. I mean it just can’t be Robyn calling Gizelle out on her stuff. What makes Gizelle so d-mn special..

  6. It isn’t fair to Chris for them to be putting out a false narrative that he is making unwanted advances or making them feel uncomfortable. Outside of this show, he has a reputation and career he must continue and to me this is slandering his character. Some people believe what they see to be facts, specifically, if more than one person is saying it. So, you have half of the cast almost saying that Chris made them feel uncomfortable or made an unwanted advance. That’s not something to play with, especially in this “Me too” era. It also causes people to feel like women aren’t credible when they’re making true statements about something that truly did happen bc now we’re seeing women making false accusations. Its not fair to the man whose being accused. Gizelle should have spoken to Chris and Candiance off camera together and it should’ve been brought up immediately after it happened. I’m definitely questioning Gizelle’s intentions and motives, particularly, since she doesn’t really have much of a storyline going for herself. smh

  7. The false narrative is coming from his wife, Candice is making it a storyline. Only thing Giselle stated was the conversation made her uncomfortable. If she felt some type of way, then it is what it is. Everyone else needs to move on from it. Candice will ALWAYS be the victim, but it’s her words that’s stirring the pot. You can’t tell another woman how she should feel about a conversation, you weren’t privy to.

  8. I think it’s really weird and gross how many fans are telling the women on this show to shut up because they are telling us and their co workers their spouses made them uncomfortable. The same thing was done to Ashley when Mia’s husband bothered her. Then he turned around and mimicked oral s-x to Karen. No outrage. But once again Karen and Ashley were made to move on because fans said so. I like Chris. But if the others don’t like him sending DMs, or having private conversations with him, they are entitled to feel that way. Chris is the only husband who feels the need to befriend his wife’s coworkers and be so involved in the show. And it’s weird. Candiace is the star not him.

  9. Candiace is making it worse because no one said Chris s-xually assaulted them and it’s not cool that she would tweet that. Don’t link your husband to assault just because you want all the fans on your side. I think she takes this show way too seriously. You can tell Gizelle doesn’t really care about any of this. And that’s how you have to be on Real Housewives. If not the stress will be too much.

  10. The whole situation just shows how hypocritical everyone is. All these complaints about Gizelle and comments about how evil she is BUT we all only literally watch this show to see these women berate, shade, and read each other. And if Gizelle didn’t do this kind of stuff, fans would call the show boring. 🙄

  11. Candiace has done so much evil stuff to others and now it coming back to here 10x worse. Your husband should not be having no conversation, texts, or DM with any other women period. If Gizelle felt uncomfortable she has a right to say something about it. Grow up Candiace because you brought all this on yourself. It’s call KARMA

  12. I feel Gizzelle desire everything she said and more. I really disliked what big mouth Gizzelle said about Candiace husband. Every man doesn’t want light skin Gizzelle. They did the same thing to Ashely husband.

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