Candiace Dillard Says Monique Samuels Was Terminated from RHOP + Calls out Gizelle Bryant

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Candiace Dillard isn’t a stranger to controversial moments.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard has been in the headlines as of late. This is due to rumors about the upcoming season. Fans already know that Candiace had some tension with Karen Huger recently. Things reportedly went left when the cast got together at an event. Both ladies even addressed the situation somewhat on Twitter. Karen truly feels like she took a neutral stance after things got violent between Candiace and Monique Samuels. However, Candiace doesn’t believe Karen was neutral at all. In fact, she thinks Karen sided with Monique. And she has accused Karen of trying to get her fired from the show.

Interestingly enough, it’s also been rumored that Candiace fell out with Gizelle Bryant. A rumor claimed that Gizelle accused Chris Bassett of being inappropriate. It’s alleged she said this allegedly happened at last season’s reunion. While nothing has been confirmed yet, Chris did call out Gizelle on Twitter. And Candiace unfollowed Gizelle on Instagram.

Candiace received some pushback from the cast during her feud with Mia Thornton. They felt she went too far. Mia was critical of her music video. After she called it low budget, Candiace called Mia’s mother low budget.

Although Candiace felt she went easy on Mia, some of the other cast members disagreed. Karen warned Candiace that she should be careful. It’s possible that she could be iced out of the group.

Well, Candiace had some things to say about RHOP recently on social media. And she didn’t hold back.

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  1. Gizelle never shows her personal life.

    Gizelle lied about being in a relationship with Jamal. All Gizelle does is insert herself into other people’s storylines. The producers are letting her get away with it

  2. This woman receives unnecessary hate. I’m glad she’s not going to let them run her off the show. Gizelle never liked her or Monique. So pushing them out was always end game for her. Karen tried to warn them not to fall for it and stick together. They didn’t listen.

  3. Candice doesn’t need someone else to do things for fans not to like her,she does it all on her own.
    There are leaks every season, she can’t blame Monique for it. They all are the source of leaks.
    Karen warned them about Giselle, they ignored it.

  4. Candiace will be fine she’s a Contende, let the haters hate more honey, that puts more money in your pocket, and ac far as Karen, watch that snake, she’s evil, trying play both sides yet tried to get you fired, WATCH HER. She’s evil.

  5. Candice just can’t leave Monique left of her storyline. This is what 3 years now? Girl, give it a rest and Karen didn’t have to pick either of you. Karen was being both of your friend by allowing that issue to between you two.

  6. Candiace is lying, again. Just like that time she lied and said she didn’t throw that butter knife at Ashley. Monique wasn’t fired, she chose to leave. And Andy said he wants her back. Candiace needs to focus on herself. Monique has moved on to another network.

  7. I see that spoon is still stirring that pot. I guess more water is being added so it won’t dry up.
    Monique is living her best life with her family and they will be on a new show so RHOP can kick rocks.

  8. Candiace should just get that whoopin’ she got from Monique out of her mind and maybe we just might forget about it too ????. As far as Gizelle Bravo loves her !!!!

  9. Monique wasn’t terminated and she was there before Candiace so that statement doesn’t even make any sense. She can’t say “we had no leaks” and then someone joined the cast and the leaks started when Monique was there before her.

  10. Candiace is delusional. She needs a therapist and NOT her mother. This girl definitely needs some professional help. Oh yeah. She can’t sing either.

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