LaTisha Scott Feels Melody Shari Is Only Tough When Martell Holt & Miss Vanessa Are Around

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Melody Shari and LaTisha Scott fell out over rumors about Marsau Scott.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star LaTisha Scott’s issues with Melody Shari started during the first season of the show. LaTisha was upset after Martell Holt accused Marsau Scott of cheating with 20 different women. Martell made the accusations because he didn’t like that Marsau joked about his affair. But his attempt to get even with Marsau only caused issues in Melody and LaTisha’s friendship. So while the men were able to move past it, LaTisha and Melody are still very much at odds. It also didn’t help things when Miss Wanda decided to interject herself into her daughter’s feud. In fact, some of LaTisha’s critics have called her out for not encouraging her mother to let her fight her own battles and stay out of her drama with Melody.

At the height of the drama, things almost got violent between Wanda and Melody. Melody said the last straw was when Wanda questioned the paternity of Martell and Melody’s youngest child. So she has no regrets about confronting Wanda at the MaDonni reopening event hosted by Destiny Payton. And the LaTisha and the other 5 core cast members have agreed to keep their family in check when it comes to online behavior. Plus, all children will be off-limits moving forward.

Well, LaTisha may have agreed to the terms suggested by Kimmi Scott to keep things from exploding again like they did at Destiny’s event. However, she still has strong opinions about Melody. And she’s thinking Melody only gets tough when Miss Vanessa and Martell can back her up.

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  1. This girl is so dumb, she has never fought her own battle her ugly ass mama fights for her. Latisha lose some weight and get your husband in line about his other baby mama who he took to Africa with him. Your mother needs to be removed from this show it’s not about her and she makes you and herself look so ghetto on TV. Snap out of it LaTisha.

    1. Yeah, LaTisha is in a Fog. Her mother is always interjecting as if LaTisha can’t fight her own battles. Her mother doesn’t need to be removed from the show. She needs to let her grown daughter fight her own battles.

  2. Really when funky dineva got st you about how your mom fights all your battles.. but your so in denial that yo momma can’t do no wrong. Just like your husband stated yo momma always in some mess regarding you. You claim you can handle your own but we all know you can’t 💯.

  3. LaTisha needs to stop. Mel is defending her kids. Ms. Wanda is the one doing all the talking involving her kids. Mel is only going after the one causing the most harm to her family.

  4. Latisha sounds so ridiculous. She’s in her 40s bragging about her momma being good at fist fighting. I want my people to wake up immediately.

  5. Usually I’d never post commentary about my feeling towards the cast on reality shows however, Latisha Scott is the definition of simple minded! At this point, she’s putting on airs to appease the crowd that her husbands consorts with. She’s giving me a ratcho hiding behind a transparent veil… We all see the real you! At some point enough is enough, especially when it involves you appreciating violence when in fact, it isn’t necessary at all! And to say that your mama would take Melody and Miss Vanessa down at the same time is bunch of tough acting BS!! Please start acting your age, because for a minute there I thought this article was a recap from the Bad girl’s club.

    1. Latisha umm please have a seat!! You never had a backbone,with Wanda or Marho..and clearly nobody else!! Leave MEL alone .concentrate on what’s REALLY 0going on in your life..

  6. This woman is special. She is still mad about Mel saying check out for herself if her husband is cheating? She considers that as Mel is trying to destroy her marriage? How? Lady let it go. People have and are saying worse.

  7. Latisha says this but Wanda literally said she fights Latisha’s battles because she’s too weak to fight them herself. I think Latisha should stop projecting, work on her own insecurities, and talk about Mel a lot less.

  8. Honestly.. it’s just sad….that Melody is the topic of the conversation every episode and basic every scene!!! Please go find another storyline besides talking about Melody with Destiny!!! And I was upset with Marsau when he said “Other side of the tracks” comments….but the way Wanda is acting… Y’all are from the other side of the tracks!!!U show it

  9. Latisha shut your bumpy face up. Control your cheating husband. The dumbest so called wife ever. You’re really stupid. Can’t blame him for cheating

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