LAMH Fans Are Critical of Kimmi Scott After Recent Interview Goes Viral

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Fans are very vocal about the drama on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have been very vocal about the current season. For some, the drama has just been too much. As we reported, Martell Holt and Marsau Scott nearly came to blows. This took place after Melody Shari and Miss Wanda had an explosive conversation. Melody and Martell took issue with Wanda questioning their daughter’s paternity. While Wanda felt like her comment was just an attack on Melody, Martell and Melody disagreed. And they feel like Wanda’s remark was also her talking disrespectfully about their child. So after the blowups took place at the MaDonni reopening event, the cast decided it was time for a sitdown meeting.

At the meeting, Wanda’s comments were addressed. LaTisha Scott said that Wanda said she was only responding to Melody saying that LaTisha’s father was in her DMs. However, Melody pointed out that Wanda has been coming for her a lot on social media for years. And children should not be dragged into the feud between adults. It was also pointed out that Wanda has spoken negatively about the Holt children before.

After it was agreed that Wanda and all the other adults will refrain from speaking about children, Kimmi Scott brought up Marsau and Maurice Scott’s brother. Mark Scott slammed Miss Vanessa because she denied dating him. Instead, she said they had a close friendship. Kimmi said that her brother-in-law has been very disrespectful on social media. So Maurice and Marsau need to talk to him since they want LaTisha to rein in Wanda.

Interestingly enough, LAMH fans have been talking about an interview Mark did recently. And it left them with some questions about Kimmi.

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    1. Wanda needs to go, she’s disrespectful about talking about melody kids, and Carlos u should make sure that if she does it again she is fired, because Wanda is Latish back bone and she loves for that old gray goose to talk about that baby, Ms Van isn’t talking about her grandchildren , get rid of Wanda.

      1. See, that’s the thing Mary. I don’t want Wanda to go. I don’t want anyone to be fired. I just want the bullying of Melody and Van to stop. The focus on Van’s s-x life doesn’t make sense since she isn’t a cast member and it was Marsau who brought up Mark/the situation first when he lied about a tape. I know for a fact that ratings are down a lot because Melody’s fans are walking away. I don’t want this show to fail. Carlos needs to fix this before it all goes down in flames.

        1. Finally somebody see what I see when it comes to melon day she is a bully and she does that in such a nice nasty way she has a superior attitude and now that I’ve watched this interview with Mark I can honestly say that Melanie not being accountable she gets it from her mother it’s an inherentable trait!

          1. Queen said none of that and I think you are seeing what you want to see. I’m also not seeing this “superior” attitude you’re referring to. Why are Black women not allowed to be classy without being accused of elitism and a superior attitude? And adults have different perceptions about their relationships all the time. Van thought they just had a close friendship, Mark thinks it was a romantic relationship. This happens all the time and it doesn’t make Van or Mark the bad guy. Y’all gotta grow up. Too old for childish thinking. Leave Van and Mark alone to figure things out. It’s not your business and Marsau shouldn’t have created the problem by bringing it up on the show.

          2. When has Marsau been accountable? Wanda? Latisha? Destiny? Martell? Tiffany? Louis? Maurice? Stormi? Even Kimmi wouldn’t hold herself accountable when she was shady to Destiny and La’Berrick. None of these people are accountable. Just say you don’t like Mel and Van because they make you insecure and go. Van is not Mark’s problem. And you’d know that if you actually watched the entire interview. He needs therapy not more enablers like you.

      2. Wanda is a straight hood rat who needs to go. She is a grown a-s woman acting like some young ignorant hood rat. Someone need to punch her a-s in the mouth

        1. I agree 👍🏽 big facts Wanda a while grandma out here acting like she 20 something from out of college baby she needs to know her place
          As far as melody let her be lord, she has been thru enough. Latisha and Marsau need to put a muzzle on Wanda. Lls

      3. ABSOLUTELY!! Wanda needs to go somewhere and never return…she needs to take Mark’s rusty behind with her! Kimmi is really the only female on that show that I like!

    2. Imagine someone bullying two liars .

      Van is a liar and a opportunistic fake christian who wanted to marry into the Scott family . Unfortunately Mark took her money and the pudding with no promises and now she is shamed .

      Mel is a bitter liar who sows destruction everywhere she goes.

      She knew and accepted Martel affair until they got the show ,then she pimped other broken women for money and opportunity.

      1. Iipow is a Mel hater!!!!!!! She is on her way her mother didn’t do reunion. Mel you are the star leave this show!!!!!

      2. You’re broken yourself. Every comment you write on here is full of evil and nastiness. It doesn’t matter the topic either. You’re always angry. I pity you. You’ll get your karma too for dragging innocent children.

      3. Melonie cannot constantly cry about what she agreed to. She knows who she married and was good until the cat (rumors and side chicks) scratched its way out of the bag, then she cries victim-orchestrating drama, chaos, and confusion all while not being considerate of her children. Stormie is worhipping idols, Tiffany is obsessed with eyeball rolling and pretending, Tisha is an extrememly sad woman who is so passive agressive, always looking for someone to fight her battles. I call BS on all this drama-

      1. He’s the one still talking about it and doing interviews though. So he doesn’t want to be left alone. He loves the attention and chaos because he’s not at peace with himself. Nothing Van did warranted these reactions.

  1. Oh lawd, cancel the show at this point. The story line will never change, the goal is to get Mel out of her own show. Martel is struggling right now so unless Bravo cuts him a check, he will suck up to the Scotts as much as he feels he needs to. On the flip side, Mel pitched this show and has other streams of income so she doesn’t need this check as badly as the others do.

    1. Unfortunately those other streams of income are not as lucrative as advertised as we saw her packing 6 orders for shipping . Mel fans are only fanning with their mouths and not their wallets.

      I’m curious how many of these people who are trying to DEFEND in this thread bought ANYTHING besides a stream of her (I’m saying this tongue in cheek ) music 🤔

  2. Yeah I’m about over this show. The gang up on Mel and her mom isn’t entertaining. It’s very dark and unnecessary. And I’m very disappointed in Kimmi.

  3. And some of y’all were just on here wondering why the ratings are down? Well, this is why. This shouldn’t be surprising either. Remember Kimmi admitted to talking trash about Melody to LaTisha back in season 1 at the reunion. Kimmi admitted to saying Melody was being bougie bc she was hosting tea parties and booking speaking engagements, etc. The majority of the cast is jealous of Melody and even her mother as well.

    1. Jealousy is a terribly thing within Reality Tv. Egos take over and everyone wants to be in the limelight. For Melody to bring mean girl, Destiny and turn on her shows why Destiny’s husband may have left. Tiffany needs to stop associating hood with Detroit.

    2. I have never seen grown people, have so much gossip, And shades throwing, everyone wants to fight I am confused is the producer pushing all this he said she said, I think the ratings are down because enough is enough, why would a mother of three go to someone opening, and act that way, there is a time and place for everything, and melody was wrong, what are they teaching there Kids,

      1. Are you serious? Yeah, this right here is another reason why some of us have stopped watching. You’re really going to sit here and condemn Melody for confronting Wanda at Destiny’s made for TV event, but you have not condemned Wanda for talking about Melody and Martell’s kids for like the second or third time. You didn’t condemn the cast for attacking Melody’s mother when she’s done nothing to any of them. You haven’t condemned Destiny for completely turning on Melody after she gave her thousands of dollars to pay her bills during her divorce. You’re not condemning LaTisha and Marsau for starting all of the mess by getting on the show and laughing about Martell’s affair. Y’all don’t really care about bad behavior. And you certainly don’t care about Mel’s kids either. Y’all just don’t like Melody and expect her to sit there and continue to be abused and bullied by the entire cast and producers. It’s sick.

        1. Girl thank you. You can tell who doesn’t actually watch the show or keep up with what happens behind the scenes. Melody’s haters love to rewrite history because they are that pressed and jealous. It’s so embarrassing.

        2. Kimmi is messy don’t care for her and the Scott’s boys are h-e and they know it. She got health problems but she starting mess I stopped watching it.

        3. I hate that the concept of the show has changed so much since the first season. I was excited to see this group actually talk about their business endeavors. Now, it’s turned into a sh-t show to say the least. Get rid of all the extras, especially Wanda and get back to basics. Until then, I’m no longer interested in watching. Do better Carlos King, not everyone wants to see supposedly grown ups spreading gossip and acting childish and ghetto.

      2. I agree , low brow people have made this show sink. Wanda started off as comic relief . Then messy Melody took to the internet to visit HER MISERY on EVERYBODY ELSE who was still happy in their marriage.

        She claimed her assertions about Marsau were for Tisha’s benefit but didn’t share these concerns until HER life was blowing up . Shows what type of friend and woman she is doesn’t it?

        Let’s discuss a woman who was married for 10 years and KNEW her husband was cheating on her BEFORE they got married but yet married him . Because she liked how they looked together 🤣. Then he proceeds to “respectfully” cheat because she ACCEPTED it . Then he starts making large purchases and the people of Huntsville start talking so she stalks the women confronts and threatens ,has her friends try to fight her …just a whole teenage mess to hold on to a man who knowingly disrespects her. Then she gets pregnant after they briefly separate and aborts that child (which Martel suspected wasn’t his)claiming because the mistress is also pregnant. Continuing her facade she contacts Carlos King about the show and her whole life gets thrown in her face .

        So she plots to be the victim and all the broken hearted low self esteem women jump on the bandwagon , forgetting she accepted all of this for the HOLT IMAGE.

        Then she sets out to wreck everyone’s relationship. Accusing Marsau ,doubting Maurice etc .All the while fighting Martel online ,and dragging her casemates.

        As a mother I would not handle it like Ms Wanda but we are not alike in any way . Although I would take issue with ANYONE trying to destroy my daughter’s marriage and speaking Ill of her.

        Melody has come to EVERY SCENE and caused h-ll. Only the side characters were willing to film with her alone . The only time she films is group events and it always ends with her screeching and destroying a good time.

        Wanda is crass but you can’t come for someone and then tell them how to respond .

        Did she once talk about the kids? Yes she said her grandbabies have a head of natural hair and Melody daughters might be jealous so she did not want them over at Mel’s event because kids cut hair . Did she lie?

        Martel brought up Mel’s infidelity and his doubt of paternity.

        Melody did a interview talking about Tisha’s father Wanda’s husband being in her dm’s because just like she did all the women her husband cheated so all men are cheating.

        So Wanda clapped back …Mel got butt hurt for being called a hoe and turned it around to make it about the kids . Then with her messy lying mama in tow went to try to destroy Destiny event and tried to Malign Wanda’s business online until production shut her down.

        So all the Mel fans are supporting a evil demon who lies .

        The biggest being she supports Black businesses and black women . No supporter would do what she does. She is a manipulative bitter opportunistic women

        1. That was a load of Bs you just poste. In what ghetto suppressed world do kids /children cut someone’s hair because they are jealous? Kids dnt be worried about that crap. And if they are is because they are influenced by there ignorant parents. Ms. Wanda is dead wrong and the bullying is evident.

          1. Well said. This show brings out the anti black and evil out of some folks. It’s never that deep that you have to drag somebody’s kids. Everything she said about Van and Melody seems hypocritical with that swipe at the Holt kids she included. And that’s how it is. The main people who think Melody and Van are terrible are actually much worse themselves. 🙃

        2. Wanda has no business doing the things she does, she shouldn’t even be on the show. You seem to have a problem with Mel no matter what she does. You seem bitter.

    3. I remember, Kimmi gossips all the time. She talks to Mel telling her everything that some says like she is her friend but repeat their conversation to the other ladies. Her whinny sister in law wants to be like Mel but needs to grow up. There was no reason for Destiny to get upset with Mel because she felt she didn’t have time for her. The woman was trying to get her life together after dealing with that arrogant ex husband.

  4. Yeah I’m starting to believe these people are really jealous of Melody now. I thought it was a reach before but now, nah it’s definitely jealousy. I thought Kimmi moved on from being a hater in season 1. Guess not. LOL.

    1. You are so Right, I am 66 maybe I am to old for these show, I love seeing my people work and make there coins this has been a long time coming for us, and the women are so beautiful ❤️ but I would love to see good friends, I have two best friends and I do not speak bad of them Ever, I want to see real friends,

  5. Who cares if you Dated Vans, You are a grown a-s Man get over it. Another black man all ways throwing blacks Women under the bus talk to your Mother have respect. You want to be relevant and you are not shut the f-ckup. We don’t want to hear it.

  6. This is one reason why Kimmi stopped being one of my favorites on the show this season. I realized that she’s messy and stirs the pot big time but hides her hands very well. I now understand why Wanda called her a snake. I wish her well through her cancer situation and I hope she beats it. A lot of people are jealous of Melody. They don’t like to see a Black woman win at life after being cheated on so publicly. Melody left that marriage and built herself up to millionaire status without Martell. She’s unbreakable and people hate it. I am so proud of her and she inspires me tremendously even though I am married and haven’t experienced what she went through. I enjoy watching Melody’s IG lives because she’s always talking about God, manifesting, prayer and building wealth. I need to look into that class she teaches. I’m thinking about getting into real estate. Team Melody and Team Stormi as always.

    1. King Bey! How’s the fam babygirl? Haven’t seen you comment in so long. I agree with what you said about Melody. I didn’t like Melody the first season. I thought she was a pick me like most of the other women on the show. But my views on her changed after she left Martell. She’s such a bad bish now. She’s about her business and her growth has been insane. There’s a level of jealousy that comes when a woman recognizes her true power and fully evolves into a diva/bad bish. That’s when you evolve into not just having women as haters but men too. Kimmi is still human. And she admitted to her jealousy of Melody at the reunion in Season 1 or 2 I think. Sadly, nothing has changed. They don’t like that Melody has so many supporters and they don’t.

  7. So Kimmi is a hater too? Welp. Good to know. The more they plot and gang up on Melody and Miss Van, the more money and blessings come Mel’s way. Hating is not productive. People stay blocking their blessings being jealous of people they know (and don’t know). I was in a dark space a few years ago myself and used to get online hating on people I only knew from reality shows/entertainment. At that time I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t prospering. Once I stopped writing nasty comments on blogs/social media etc, my finances improved significantly. I took it as God doesn’t like ugly and I need to be mindful of how I express my opinions on the internet and in real life conversations. I hope these people wake up and put their energy into something more productive.

  8. This has always been Melody and Martell’s show and it will always be. That’s where the jealousy comes from. Notice that the others don’t like it when Martell and Melody are on the same page and getting along. Pay close attention.


  10. This show is 🗑. Mel is the only 1 doing something positive. Leaving a Narcissistic cheating ex husband who had a baby outside of the marriage . Kimmi is a 2 faced friend that pits Mel against loud mouth Latisha. Latisha talks about Mel & Martell marriage but won’t accept that her husband went to another country to get away from her. Wanda needs to go back to the gutter where she came from. Kimmi keep touch up her face she’s going to start looking like Lil Kim

  11. He knew about his brothers mentioning his name, also Van talked about a picture not a tape. The brothers said they dated, and Van said they messed around not dating, there is a difference. You just like your brothers, trying to hide everything and playing a victim.

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