Stormi Steele Vents About Her Frustrations with ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

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The drama on LAMH has resulted in petitions and boycotts.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is in the middle of another controversial season. As we reported, some fans have complaints about the drama that unfolded during the latest episodes. Calls for boycotts were made after things nearly got violent at MaDonni reopening event. Melody Shari showed up and confronted Miss Wanda for questioning her daughter’s paternity. Martell Holt didn’t appreciate this either. And he nearly came to blows with Marsau Scott. However, Wanda tried to attack Melody from behind. So the whole day was so chaotic that some fans have been completely turned off by the show. Another controversial moment was Marsau and Maurice Scott’s brother appearing on the show to respond to Miss Vanessa denying they had a romance.

Miss Wanda said that the calls for boycotts and viral petitions just do not seem fair to her. And she thinks that Melody and Van have fans that aren’t open to supporting anyone else’s perspectives. As for Melody, she believes fans have a right to fight for causes they think are important when it comes to LAMH. Some of her supporters believe that Melody and her mother are being bullied by the cast and producers.

Interestingly enough, Stormi Steele recently shared her complaints with the show. And she’s feeling very drained.

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  1. Did she not do her research? Carlos King thinks shows can’t succeed unless there’s drama all the time. He’s not interested in making this show go back to focusing on business and real estate. I hate that for all of them because it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. Stormi and her husband are too good for this show.

  2. I totally agree with Stormi.
    The tide went out and never returned with this show.
    It has become divided yet predictable. It’s not just tv though. Stuff has been dragged to social media where folks can come for people they think they know from their sofas or beds.

  3. Stormi is positive & different from the rest of those aggressive mean women…HOPE SHE REALIZES SHE IS AN ICON & DOES NOT USE PROFANITY…IT IS NOT NECESSARY WHEN YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF!! NOR IS IT GODLY!!!

    1. This was the only show that I had a lot of respect for! Now it seems as though it’s turned out to be like the rest. It’s sad that as Black women we allow the fame and fortunes and the ugliest of our attitude to take us to another level of disrespecting each other, fighting and rudeness. Civilization plays a major part when it comes to being grown, dignified and sophisticated black men and women and I think we are failing tremendously in that category. Especially when it’s being exploited on national television for everyone to see. We as black men and women need to set a better standard than this simply because our youth is always watching us and if our standards aren’t high enough to choose our battles properly, then neither will theirs. I say cancel All the reality shows!

  4. I saw that deleted scene from the last episode on YouTube. It was just Stormi, Melody, and Tiffany laughing and having a good time before Destiny and Latisha got there. It felt like a completely different show. And I enjoyed it. Destiny and Latisha make scenes so negative and draining for me. I wish they would come back next season happier and less petty cause I’m tired.

  5. Screw messy a** Stormi ol narcissistic “Everyone I know is inspired by my story” condescending a**.I knew the 1st time I saw her on the show she would be the reason I stopped watching. I can only watch clips cant take a full episode. Tiffany and her husband already had me on the outs Stormi solidified it. That purse gift,girl please support by buying products or putting some on the shelves since Destiny mentioned Stormi hadn’t supported her business wise. Its sad to watch cause this show started off really strong.

  6. Screw messy Stormi she is a bragged she likes that mess she promotes it talk about people but still smile in their face

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