Destiny Payton Responds After LAMH Fan Says She Talks About Melody Shari Too Much

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Some LAMH fans have been very critical of Destiny Payton.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton will have a sitdown with her former friend Melody Shari on the upcoming episode. As we reported, Melody and Destiny’s friendship took a turn after Destiny called Melody out at a past reunion. Carlos King asked her where she stood with Melody. And Destiny said she wasn’t sure because Melody stopped calling her as much once filming wrapped. So she couldn’t really speak on if Melody is a good friend or not. This caught Melody off-guard. And she was upset because she thought everything was fine since she and Destiny continued to communicate via text messages. Plus, Melody had also gifted Destiny with thousands of dollars to pay bills amid her messy divorce from La’Berrick Williams.

Melody also said that she overheard Destiny having a conversation about her with LaTisha Scott. LaTisha and Melody haven’t been on good terms since Season 1. So Melody thought this was shady. Both Destiny and Melody have since backed off from their friendship. Interestingly enough, Destiny is now friendlier with LaTisha these days. And they don’t mind throwing shade at Melody on the show when they film scenes together.

Destiny’s conversations about Melody have caused some LAMH fans to become critical. And she’s been accused of talking too much about Melody and being angry in all of her scenes.

Well, Destiny recently responded after a fan made these same criticisms on social media.

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  1. Melody has no loyalty. Melody is Destiny’s storyline. She tried to throw Melody under the bus around the reunion. Melody was Destiny’s friend. To bad Destiny didn’t appreciate that.

    1. PEOPLE WANT TO TALK ABOUT Destiny talking about Melody I don’t think it’s her being jealous. I’ve watched this show from the beginning and it’s always Melody doing something to someone else like she did to Latisha. Why come to Destiny grand opening when she wasn’t invited. When Destiny was getting a divorce she didn’t tell Melody right away and Melody got mad. Destiny never knew Melody was mad at her until someone told her, plus she didn’t know what she was mad at her for. Melody look down on people and think she’s better than them. If Destiny would have come to her events she would have security take her out

      1. Destiny is jealous. Did you forget the episode Destiny came to Melodys event and told her that shes jealous that Melody has a village of people to help her as a single mother and Destiny did not? Even after Destiny didnt tell Melody the divorce was final, Melody was still there for her. Melody gave her thousands of dollars to pay her bills and attorneys fees without Destiny asking. What did Destiny do after that? She went to the reunion and flipped on Melody. Latisha aint no saint either. Her husband helped Martell cheat and Latisha was shading Melody about being cheated on and gossiping about her to Kimmi when they were supposed to be friends. You forgot that reunion where Kimmi admitted how much of a fake friend Latisha was to Melody? Why do you Melody haters always leave out what these people did to her FIRST before she reacted?

  2. Accountability, Destiny does not have. It’s funny how the people whom go all out to help you, now become the villain. Melody helped her get on the show and with coins. Destiny needs to humble her attitude or get off the show.

  3. I would like to see more of Destinys real life. Her beef with Melody still doesnt make sense to me. Just seems like she picked a fight with Melody for no real reason.

    1. We dont see enough of any of their lives anymore. Producers just want to focus on the petty drama now and Im over it.

  4. The producers are doing Destiny a disservice. And I dont want to see her and Mel have another sit down that goes nowhere tonight. This season sucks.

  5. Okay Destiny start growing up Now lady! No good reason to talk about Mel all tha time and making faces too. It shows Stank Attitude from u! Let it go and let God. U letting Latisha rub off on you旦旦旦

  6. Petty Destiny. No matter how many times the cast try to make her understand Petty Destiny does not get it. Get your life in check and stop being so ignorant on the show. We call it act like an adult not a child. Just Sorry as hell.

  7. Agree. They all put their feet in Mel neck when she got cheated on. None of them gsve her a shoulder only Kimmie. I was liking Maurice but he feels like he has to back his brother. Marsau wants to stop the feud but Letisha is jealous and ghetto and wants to continue bashing Mel.

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