RHOP Recap: Candiace Gets Even with Ashley + Producers Preview Chaos Between Wendy & Mia

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Candiace and Ashley continue to clash at Wendy’s burn session. After Ashley makes more messy accusations about Chris, Candiace claps back. She accuses Michael of being a client of a male escort he allegedly orally pleases. Ashley accuses Candiace of deflecting. And she tells her that karma always comes back around. 

Candiace tries once more to have a sit-down with Gizelle about what she alleges happened with Chris at last season’s reunion. Although Candiace feels like Gizelle is being malicious, Gizelle denies this is the case. And she refuses to back down from her version of what allegedly happened that day. So it doesn’t seem as if she and Candiace will be able to move forward. And Gizelle washes her hands of Chris after he slams her on Twitter. 

After Mia plans a trip to Miami, there’s a calm before the storm. At the end of the episode, producers show a preview of Mia throwing a drink at Wendy and hitting her with a purse on the upcoming episode. 

Here’s a recap for, “Burnin’ and Beefin.’”

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  1. I have to say I’m with Candace on THIS… they’re using this for a storyline…. Giselle…Mia lied about Chris watching her …the footage showed he never even looked her way at that party and Ashley and her forehead is lying about her friend saying Chris touched her… EVERYTIME someone commented on Chris they rolled footage showing him minding his own business… ignoring everybody….can’t wait for the reunion.

  2. Gizelle is lying because it was your room so why you let him in it. I believe Chris period!!! When she see him after the reunion at the party and you smile and hug him, That tell me you made that up for a storyline.

  3. Yeah, Gizelle is a bold face liar, I believe Chris also, if she was so uncomfortable, what took her so long to say so, and why would she hug him at Karen’s party, she look comfortable to me, Chris is angry, that they are trying this, but Candice and that footage gonna handle all of them, Gizelle just needs a storyline, who cares if she’s done with Chris, he’s done with her,she thinks it’s all about her, watch how this turns around on Gizelle and Ashley, Candice and Chris gonna have a field day on them, I hate LIAR’s , funny how Mia ends up changing her part, saying Chris was staring at her, she knows Production has the footage, so she changes the story and apologize to Candice.I hope Chris never apologize to Gizelle and totally ignore her, I would!!!

  4. i believe this is just Gizelles target for this season. However, i noticed Candiace had sooo much smoke and energy for Ashley, but you are whispering and crying talking to the real Devil… Gizelle! Where was Rat a Tat for Gizelle who is the real demon. Where da Rat a tat at?!!!

    1. I hate to say it but Candice is giving weak.
      Gizelle lied on her husband and Chris and Candice seems afraid of confronting her the way she Confronted Monique and Mia.

  5. In no way do I think Chris is a creep .
    Nor do I particularly care for any of this cast .

    BUT 2 things can exist at the same time .

    We have so many inappropriate, disrespectful to marriage types that it has gone unsung. No woman friend or not should be in a room alone talking with someone else’s husband. PERIODT !

    Yep stay out of closed rooms with other women’s husband’s just like keep your legs closed to other people’s husband s.

    Y’all married to medicine fans would have had no problem if heavenly said the same thing Gizzard said and you would have supported it.

    Gizzard has repeatedly said HE didn’t do ANYTHING it’s just SHE who was UNCOMFORTABLE. Again SHE

    It’s her own thing, could be her trauma from her dirty dick ex ,could be her southern Baptist upbringing,she could have been a sneaky link or it could be just out of respect to MARRIAGE!!!

    Whatever the case she never accused him of anything.In addition to nobody should even attempt to police someones feelings .

    Now Ashley and Mia putting 30 on 10 was a whole nother component,while although seperate got joined in to paint him as a creep and put ALL of this on Gizzards back .

    Plus we all know (yep I’m generalizing) white men love to get common . Touching and being friendly beyond the relationship.
    Again not saying Chris does BUT he may have believed that HE and Gizzard were friends when Gizzard just thought of him as her castmate/friends husband .

    So yeah she can be uncomfortable without feeling threatened and he could have just been talking to à friend.Same sitch but 2 diff outcomes.

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