Marsau Scott Claps Back After LAMH Viewer is Critical of the Way LaTisha Scott Speaks

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Marsau Scott has no problem checking LAMH fans on social media.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have been very vocal on social media amid the current season. This isn’t surprising since a lot of drama has been taking place. Marsau Scott and Martell Holt nearly came to blows. This went down at Destiny Payton’s MaDonni reopening event. What led to the blowup was Miss Wanda questioning the paternity of the youngest Holt kid on social media. Melody Shari confronted Wanda about this at the event. After they got into it and Wanda tried to run up on Melody, Martell shielded Melody. Marsau and Martell then exchanged words and things almost got violent.

Interestingly enough, the MaDonni drama didn’t sit well with a lot of LAMH fans. There have been calls for boycotts, as well as petitions created in response. Some fans have called for Wanda to be booted from the show. Others want Martell gone. There are also fans who have stopped watching because they took issue with Mark Scott appearing on the show recently. Mark discussed Miss Vanessa. And he alleged that Van lied when she said that she never dated him. They were just friends according to her version of events.

While the fans may not be happy with some of the cast members, it’s clear that the stars of LAMH are becoming annoyed by some of the fans. And recently, Marsau clapped back after a viewer was critical of the way LaTisha Scott speaks.

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    1. Poor thing, she just let’s him treat her like one of his kids, which he knows very little about, so sad!! Always thinks he’s the smartest person in every room, he’s definitely NOT!!!!

  1. Idk why they’re mad at Mrs. Wanda, she just said what Martel said! It wouldn’t have been said if Mel didn’t go there uninvited to start sh*t in the first place! Don’t start nothing if you can’t take it!

  2. Also they’ve spoken on Mark for a minute on camera. So he’s wrong to come on camera and speak on them?! She knows he hit it, and from the sounds of it. He was a kept man. A cub being pampered by his cougar!

  3. To speak properly it requires enunciation and for those who are less than intelligent enunciation means proper pronunciation of the English language intelligence is to understand what you’re speaking about Tisha possesses none of these. Regardless of her supposed degrees is she still in the third grade as her level of intelligence would suggest considering her grammar or lack thereof proper dialect.

  4. ***I thought this was supposed to be about Tisha’s speech not Wanda, Martell, Mark and Melody and the cheating and who said what????*** I discuss

    Marsau is the person that insults Tisha. He make sure her insecurities are always at the forefront of her mind. He told her she was from the other side of the tracks. He looked down on her family. I would tell him to take his chucky bubble a** and kick rocks.

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