‘Married to Medicine’ Drama: Anila Sajja Put All the Way on Blast + Quad Webb Vindicated?

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The accusations about Toya Bush-Harris have resulted in backlash for Quad Webb and Anila Sajja.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris wasn’t happy with the accusations made about her on the recent season. As we reported, Toya was accused of cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. It was alleged that she messed around with a man who lives in their neighborhood. At first, Toya thought that Anila Sajja and Quad Webb were behind the rumor. Dr. Heavenly Kimes even thought that Quad and Anila invited one of the neighbors to Quad’s holiday party to put Toya on blast in front of the rest of the ladies.

However, Anila would later tell Toya that she had nothing to do with the gossip. She went on to say that the neighbor was invited to the party by Quad. And she was only asked to be the woman’s ride to the event. So Toya was thinking that Quad was the puppet master and she had been pulling Anila’s strings.

Toya was also suspected to have had something to do with Anila’s house being broken into. Quad ran with this amid her feud with Toya. And she went on to tell her critics that she only repeated this because Anila kept calling her and telling her that Toya was responsible.

Interestingly enough, a recent interview has “Married to Medicine” fans in a fuss. And it’s been alleged that Quad wasn’t the mastermind behind any of the accusations. Anila was put completely on blast, too.

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  1. Wow. Well, let me apologize then because I thought Quad made up that lie. I knew it was bs when it was first said. I know it sounds crazy, but Toya is honest to a fault. If she cheated on Eugene, she’d share that on the show because Toya is literally the realest person on that cast. Even to her and Eugene’s own detriment. Anila is a problem. I hope Quad lets her have it.

  2. Quad lied on Mariah about doing drugs. She isn’t vindicated because all this means is Anila outdid her in her scheming and lying. I will say that Anila is not a good fit for this show. That was obvious during her first season. Audra is a better fit and should have been a main cast member over Anila. Not because Anila isn’t black but you can just tell that she doesn’t have genuine connections with any of them. They just tolerate her because they don’t like Toya. I mean even this Zaina person would probably fit in better than Anila.

    1. Contessa said none of them have a true connection with Anila in her interview with Funky Dineva. Sounds like it’s the producers trying to make her a thing. And we all know why. 🙃

      1. Yep. They wanted to prevent a lawsuit from Mariah since she said they didn’t want to show her family’s diversity or let her wear a hijab.

  3. Mess. And I agree that Anila isn’t a good fit for the show. She was only hired to avoid a lawsuit by Mariah. And that’s why producers don’t want to fire her. I really miss Mariah because she didn’t have to slander people and make up storylines to be interesting. She is a star naturally.

  4. Someone called it on here and I can’t remember who it was but they said Anila would eventually burn Quad because she plays the victim much better. 😳

  5. Sorry, I just don’t believe everything I read on the internet. Either way, true or not true, I’m still not a fan of Quad or Anila.

    And seriously what does Quad do for money??? We all know Toya is a stay at home mom. Quad’s all in Toya’s business but I don’t see her working on the show? Are her business really making money? I only remember the doggy line (?) and maybe a clothing line – I don’t hear anyone talking about that?

  6. I’m sorry but the season was terrible and Anila is one of the main reasons why. They hated Mariah so much that they’ve ruined the show with her replacement. Toya needs to be the only one from that neighborhood on the show because clearly the entire neighborhood is thirsty and desperate to be in TV.

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