Kendra Robinson & Yung Joc Respond to Backlash from Controversial Interview

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The drama has not waned for Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” couple Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson had an eventful recent season. Before they tied the knot, the group was processing rumors. It was alleged Joc fathered a child with another woman. Plus, Spice’s friend Meda Montana said that she had been hooking up with Joc on and off for years. And she confidently said that Joc will always love her. When Meda was asked if she knew about Kendra, she said she didn’t because she doesn’t have cable. Either way, Meda’s claims led to blowups with Kendra. To no surprise, the drama carried over to the reunion.

Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc are working things out.

After Kendra confirmed that Joc had a baby with another woman, Meda became determined to show that her receipts were believable. Although she had already printed out what she alleged were hard copies of texts from Joc, Kendra wasn’t impressed. So Meda brought her phone to the reunion. And Kendra went off after it was confirmed that the messages Meda showed were indeed from Joc.

Kendra was not happy with Joc. Things got so heated that Kendra even threatened to file for divorce. And she wanted Joc to understand that she will walk away from the marriage if she feels she needs to.

Well, recently the couple had another explosive moment during an interview. And amid the backlash, they want people to know they are committed to making their marriage work.

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  1. I certainly hope she stops whining since she’s back cool with her husband.
    But hol’ up…Kendra need not prove her marriage is solid by going to The Gram. Did we all not watch the show? I think a lot was for the cams because she already knew quite a bit already. The reunion showed her at her best. I hated her outfit.

    1. Exactly!!! She had more than enough red flags to know you keep him strictly something to do NOTHING SERIOUS. One thing I know smart women make terrible decisions when it comes to men and I’m speaking from experience!

  2. Kendra if you desperate just say that!! First The baby,then Meda smh it’s your life girl convince yourself not us!!

  3. Yea, she is not that smart to be an attorney. And she could have done a whole lot better than Joc.
    I don’t think her family likes Joc and I see why. Kendra you can do better get out now before Joc has you looking real crazy, cause he will have another baby on you just watch.

  4. I hate to say it but both the mother and Kendra looks sound slow….. Joc can basically do whatever he wants with Kendra

  5. People always with the drama they always ready to drag and co sign bulls***. Nobody questions where the B. S. came from and the motive. This Meda person is messy and looking for a check, she been messing with him off/on but she aint got cable and didnt know they were on there girlll please lies!! Why she still got texts and so willing all of a sudden to spill all? He wasnt her man so dont understand her angle besides money and publicity cause this aint no damn girl code. Kendra knew what it was when she got involved with Joc so no sympathy there.

  6. Kendra is the definition of a professional woman with ZERO Self Respect. Honestly I have second hand embarrassment from watching her stupid self on the show. Personally, I would never hire an attorney who makes such pathetic life decisions I couldn’t trust them. Hopefully Kendra doesn’t come back next season I’m tired of her whining & fake outrage.

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