RHOP Recap: Gizelle Calls Out Ashley for Supporting Wendy + Ashley Doesn’t Back Down

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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the drama continues in Miami. Although Mia assaulted Wendy, she believes she is the victim in the situation. Mia takes issue with Karen’s neutral stance. And she feels Karen should have had her back regardless. Karen strongly disagrees. She also refuses to be anyone’s yes woman.

Ashley also receives some flak for her support of Wendy. Gizelle and Charrisse accuse her of being hypocritical since she supported Monique. However, Ashley says it’s Gizelle who’s being hypocritical. And she points out that Gizelle condemned Monique’s violence just to defend Mia’s.

Plus, Mia also ends up having tension with Candiace and Ashley once she learns of their support of Wendy. 

Here’s a recap for, “Queen vs. Queen.”

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  1. Gisselle is a coat tail rider and hypocrite. What happened to you raising your daughters and not being around violence. Mid is clearly the trouble maker and she assaulted Wendy and was showing how violent she is. Gisselle you don’t feel like you need your private body guard in Miami? You’re not fearful of Mia like you were Monique, which Mia is clearly way bigger than Monique. I guess the truth hurts and that’s why Mia was so bothered. With her lying a-s. Knowing good and well her and her “ best friend” was making out in the shower.

    1. Can’t speak on what I didn’t see, however I personally do not like Wendy or Candiace, Neither are classy and probably had to work really hard all their lives just to fit in or be recognized. Neither one has a story line and if it’s their own, it’s boring! Facts: Mia was wrong for throwing the drink on Wendy and Wendy was wrong for speaking on Mia’s husband. I don’t care who took sides and why because these are grown woman and they should stand on their own sh-t and should not be looking for anyone to co sign their mess if they believe they are right. Give me a break, everytime something happens they all have to be pulled in. I wouldn’t be on anyone side! If I had my way I would remove Candiace, Wendy and Charrisse these ladies are all the same, working hard to be seen.

  2. While Mia is dead wrong for assaulting Wendy and we aren’t even going to get into the green eyed bandits hypocrisy, prior to this incident Wendy has low-key been looking for someone to “fight” with since her first season on RHOP. Mia is wrong but Wendy hasn’t been all sunshine and friendship prior to this incident.

    1. I agree with you somewhat, but one has nothing to do with the other. Whatever Wendy has MAYBE been looking for (it’s your opinion and you are entitled to have an opinion), at the end of the day, we as adults control what comes out of our months AND what actions we take. Mia has criticized or talk negatively about every single woman on that show and she acts like she’s so classy. We are all capable of “losing it”, but she (Mia) made the choice of being violent AND didn’t stop after she actually threw a drink on another person. Miss Classy acted a fool and we as viewers can’t unsee what we saw. Mia was dead wrong on every level, no matter how angry she was. Her actions were classless and egregious….. period. I may have lost it too if I’m that angry, but I’m not on TV.

  3. I don’t feel sorry for Wendy, however I don’t like the flip flopping on stances. This show needs some serious revamping. We’ve seen enough of the Green eyed, evil bandits. For some reason, they keep getting passes on their deceit and messiness. We’ve heard enough of bratty Candiace’s reckless mouth AND she can’t sing. We’ve heard enough of Wendy’s degrees and John Hopkins’ accolades. Work around the O.G Karen and get new casts.

    1. You can talk all you want but you don’t throw a drink on anyone and then try and hit them with your purse. Gizelle fake azz was so terrified when Monique did this but now Mia did it you support her. Just nasty that’s why Gizelle (HOTBOX) can’t keep a man ! Juan need to go on with his life cause it’s clear he doesn’t need a roommate .

  4. Another Perspective and Connie,what y’all said and why Bravo allowing Candice to use Monique for her storyline I think once a housewives is no longer then the other housewives shouldn’t get paid off thm they keep Monique name in thy mouth and for thm not to like Michael thy also mention him in every episode which means thy are the most revelant to this show and should get lawyer file an order against them mentioning their name w/o bring paid I wonder how much Candice paid Trina b/c everybody knw Candice CANT sing…..

  5. When Monique put hands on Candice, Ashley was not on good terms with Candice… So , she sided with Monique.. Y’all mad because Robin and Gizelle not siding with Wendy.. Well they don’t like Wendy.. Robin has a legit reason because Wendy are her up because she asked what happen when Wendy was going off on Gizelle.. Then Wendy tried to give a half azz apology.. but the damage was done once she said what she said about Robin and her ex/fiancé…So I am confused why people think Gizelle or Robin would side with Wendy when they don’t get along

    1. I think the difference is that it can come across as encouraging violence that they condemned prior, regardless of who they like. Hypocrisy at its smallest level. If you truly stand for something friendship or alignment shouldn’t get in the way of that or it’ll have you looking like you lack integrity.

  6. I have hazel eyes myself but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be with those two evil witch’s I don’t know why those two are even on the show they are soooo freckling boring please throw them on something else enough and take Mia with them

    1. Word!! Robin got her nerve. Robin and Giselle both are just not my cup of tea. I too have hazel eyes and wouldn’t be with these skanks! Lolol as far as Mia goes I can’t stand her. From day 1, she needs to just be gone.

  7. While I don’t feel sorry for Wendy because her mouth oveoaded her a** and she got what she asked for, same as Candice with Monique. The Green-eyed Bandits can’t support Candice and not Wendy in the same situation. Wendy was antagonistic towards Mia be same as Candice was towards Monique. The difference is they like Mia and not Wendy; they liked Candice and not Monique. The Bandits need to seat down because there’s no explanation other than the truth, which they not going to admit.
    Mia must be grade school ” if you my friend you can’t be her friend and you have to agree with me on everything “. Where do grown people do that at? Karen said she is not the one. Grown-up actions.
    Why is Charisse there?

    1. Basically! You can tell who people like based on how they’re acting so daftly about this.

      “Why is Charisse there?” is sending me. 🤣🤣🤣

  8. I believe Mia’s board of directors made her resign after the show aired. Her exit was immediate and she doesn’t impress me as one who would resign. She’d rather fight it out. From what I saw Wendy was minding her business when Mia blindsided her by dipping in Wendy’s business that had nothing to do with her. I’m with Ashley whatever Wendy knows about Mia must be really bad for Mia to snap the way she did. I wish her the best

    1. I really, truly don’t understand why people are playing too daft to understand that Mia started this whole thing by carrying the bone that Peter gave her.

        1. Mia was doing way too much. Wendy was minding her business. Mia kept injecting herself in something that didn’t have anything to do with her. Clearly Peter wasn’t the Bro that she thought he was after telling Wendy their business.

    2. I totally agree with you. It’s called Karma . Do all of that stuff for your 15 minutes of fame, which leads to real life consequences.

  9. Robin and Gissle light skin color think they can run all over dark skin women. You call yourself black no h-ll no. You act like you white. Mia is ghetto ghetto and ghetto. Peter weak black man. Miami ain’t your town. I going to stop watching this show it’s just like Atlanta

    1. Definitely agree with you, total colorism on Hize and Rob’s part always has been throughout the show if you think about it

  10. It amazing how we gravitate yo billing and colorism under the pretense of girl friends. This type of behavior would never be tolerated on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. No one should be subject to this type of behavior. Clearly this is a case of lightskin bulling dark-skinned. Can’t stand those three. How can they live with themselves. No wonder why they don’t have a man.

  11. Messy Mia had no business going to Peter to find out about his and Wendy’s business. Violence is wrong no matter how it’s packaged!

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