Mia Thornton Goes off on Ashley Darby Amid Feud with Wendy Osefo

Photo Credit: Bravo

Mia Thornton snaps on Ashley Darby.

The upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac” will be an interesting one. As we reported, the ladies went to Miami ahead of Karen Huger’s birthday. Mia Thornton planned the trip. And she said she wanted to invite everyone, even Wendy Osefo. Mia and Wendy have struggled to get along since Mia’s first season on the show. They didn’t gel because Wendy felt like Mia wasn’t a real friend to Karen. So Wendy didn’t feel like Mia was someone that could be trusted. She also thought it was unloyal for Mia to ask for Gizelle Bryant’s number after their first meeting while Gizelle was dogging out Karen.

Regardless of their tension from the previous season, Wendy and Mia probably didn’t anticipate that things would unfold the way they did in Miami. Their altercation is something that the other ladies aren’t able to ignore on the next episode. In fact, Ashley Darby thinks Mia was wrong as two left shoes. She even told Wendy that what bothered her the most was seeing Mia then hit Wendy with her purse after she threw the drink.

Well, Ashley becomes fed up with Mia’s attempts to ice Wendy out of the Miami fun. In a preview of the next episode, Ashley calls Wendy to invite her out to eat with others. And Wendy agrees to meet them.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says, “I don’t see why Wendy can’t be a part of the group. If ultimately the trip was mainly for Karen’s birthday, it would make sense that Karen’s friend Wendy is allowed to come to the dinner.”

When Ashley returns to the table, she tells the others that Wendy is coming. Ashley says, “So I did talk to Wendy. She’s nearby.” Candiace Dillard Bassett asks, “Doing better?” Ashley follows up with, “She’s going to stop by for a minute.”

Mia immediately sees red. She tells Ashley, “You disrespectful little brat.”

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  1. Yeah, not feeling Mia this season even though I enjoyed her last season. Meanwhile, I actually like Wendy this season. And Ashley too. What in the world?!

  2. Who is really Mia??????? The same person claims she wasn’t a Stripper? Does anyone knows where this $10,000 dollar gentleman club located?

  3. Mia is jealous of Wendy big time .what does she have to do with Peter and Wendy’s business deals in the first place is she his agent or what..maybe his lover who knows

  4. Mia is being a child. These ladies are adults with children and decent careers, yet acting this. You’re my friend, you can’t be her friend too. If you Wendy friend you can’t be my friend. What is Mia 12?

  5. Mia trashy background is showing and she can’t hide it. I never was feeling her and G. I can’t believe she and Karen are friends. You could see how uncomfortable Karen was when G was licking her tongue out at her.

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